Alt Left: Nothing Worse Than a Liberal Democrat

Liberal Democrat sites I am banned from:

I am banned from Democratic Underground. I have been banned from Daily Kos twice. I am usually banned the very first day I register there, typically within 24 hours. I am banned from Mother Jones. I am banned from Media Matters. I got banned from Alternet but got a new name and came back and am now safe for a while. I was banned once from (((Daily Kos))) for attacking Israel. They called me anti-Semite and banned me. All the other places banned me for attacking the Cultural Left.

Suffice to say that these are all liberal Democrat sites except for Alternet, which is more Leftist.

In other words, I am usually very quickly banned from all liberal Democrat sites, usually amidst screams that I am a Republican! Except that I’m not a Republican. I think Democrats are too rightwing. I’m a flaming out and out Leftist.

There are few things more awful than an American liberal Democrat, mostly because there is almost nothing liberal about them.

They all support US foreign policy to the hilt. They all believe every lie the media ever shoved down their throat and every lie the foreign policy wing of the state ever told them. They’re flag waving patriotards.

At the moment, they are frothing with hatred against the evil Russia and the evil Putin. They all supported the Nazi Maidan coup and think Russia shot down that M-17 jet. They all hate Assad and support arming the jihadis and Al Qaeda against him and think think Assad gassed his people. And nowadays they all really hate China.

No matter what lie the state and media shove down their throat, they swallow it right up.

They reject all alternative explanations to US propaganda because it comes from Iran, Russia, etc. And they don’t believe one word those nations say because those countries lie.

You throw evidence at them, like people on videotape confessing their CIA-induced nefarious acts or even actual CIA statements (for instance, half of the CIA says Ukraine shot down that M-1 7 jet), and they shoot it all down. They say that everyone that says anything that goes against the US government/corporate media one party propaganda line is lying.

Anything other evidence is unproven. It’s “state your sources” and then all sources other than the US state and media are not credible. Any theories against US government and media propaganda lies are called conspiracy theories that must be subjected to the “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” rubric, evidence which, of course, is never enough.

The Democrats are always right and never wrong. And the Republicans, of course, are never right and always wrong. If you dare to admit that the Republicans might be right once in a blue moon, then that means that you’re a Republican, and they insist that you now support Trump and are voting for him. It’s pure political tribalism of the most insipid kind.

Oh, and I forgot one more thing. One thing they really, really hate, probably even more than they hate Republicans, is the Left. You know, people like me. And the Squad. And Bernie. I’ve always said that the Democratic Party hates the Left more than anything, more than Republicans, Hell, more than out and out fascism.

A liberal Democrat will support a Nazi before he  supports a socialist. Look at how they reacted to Ukraine (supporting Nazis) and Venezuela (attacking socialists).

Bottom line is they will never admit they were wrong. And they will never change their mind, ever, about anything.

Liberal Democrats are some of the most rigid- minded, hopelessly brainwashed people I have ever met.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Nothing Worse Than a Liberal Democrat”

  1. Your crime is that you’re a non-conformist. You have very strong opinions, and that scares people away. It makes them doubt their perception of reality.

    I think you would somewhat align with Bernie Sanders’ political position. Or, “Crazy Bernie” as Trump calls him.

  2. Liberal democrats have totally abandoned the white working class – and even the non-white working class – to be honest. They’ve simply promoted welfare, mostly targeting non-whites, while abandoning union politics etc..

    1. This is mostly true. They haven’t even promoted welfare much. A lot of liberal Democrats are “budget hawks.” Most so-called welfare goes to Whites. I know several White people on Section 8, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. I don’t know any non-Whites on those programs. But then most people I know are White. Bill Clinton, the liberal Democrats ultimate hero, voted to wipe out welfare for all time and appointed a Cat Food Commission to wipe out Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

      If you mention that to a liberal Democrat, he will call you a liar. They refuse to believe that their own people are as shitty as they are. Every time you talk about how crappy and rightwing liberal Democratic politicians are, your average liberal Democrat gets mad and calls you a liar or else says we have to elect these rightwing Democrats or the Republicans will come into power. Rightwing Democrats are our last saviors against Republicanism!

      They’re disgusting people. There’s nothing liberal about them! Liberal Democrats in the US are mostly just Republicans. Liberal Republicans, sure, but Republicans nevertheless.

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