Strippers as Reliable Mates?

@Robert Lindsay was advising to avoid the strippers as real partners.

Help please sisters!

I have a wonderful boyfriend who is an entrepreneur but at the phase where money is extremely tight. When we first met I stopped dancing, but now it’s like it’s tough for me because money is so tight, and I know if I just worked even a day or two with him being supportive it wouldn’t be!

Sometimes he’s supportive of the idea of me going back to work again, and other times he’s not. I’m trying to figure out how to convince him that maybe if he changes his mindset about it and can not think about it in the typical way that it won’t be a bad experience for him, for us!

He’s wanting me to get a regular job or not work but I really don’t know if I care to do that… call me crazy, but I feel like I’d rather still dance and be beautiful and in shape and around other gorgeous women having fun and making money at the same time!

For those of you who have successful relationships and dance too can you please give me some tips on how I can help him feel better about the idea of me going back to work or just some tips on how you keep your relationships healthy. I’ve really been itching to go back to work in Vegas (all the lights and high energy!) and I feel like he can just go be in the 24-hour coffee shops while I work lol.

I hope you all have been doing well in your lives and sending all of you love, joy, and happiness!

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6 thoughts on “Strippers as Reliable Mates?”

  1. Dude can use his girlfriend/wife as a money minting machine.

    I wouldn’t mind a stripper for LTR. I am as depraved as they come.

    What if she doesn’t hand me over her money? I’ll just be a good pimp and beat her ass till she’s bleeding all over.

    I’ll fucking kill her if my ATM plans to dump me.

    I wish though I were this bad though. Unfortunately I can only talk.

    1. Those are the type of guys they usually end up with, frankly. Their boyfriends are usually glorified pimps (“managers”, criminals, and often hard drug users, often dope shooters who use needles. The women’s relationships with these men are quite tumultuous and I think they are often accused of taking the women’s money.

  2. They tend to make real shitty girlfriends, to say the least. The only men who can deal with them at all are probably real hard-ass bad boy types who are either criminals or semi-criminals themselves. Their boyfriends are usually the pimp type. A lot of these guys are either shooting dope too. These guys may well be able to have some sort of a real relationship with these harridans.

    If you’re a typical guy like most of us though, these stripper bitches are just going to make mincemeat out of you. Furthermore, they tend to be extremely unstable to say the least. Often come from a background of being molested as girls, often by relatives. Or being raped as girls or as women.

    They’re basically screwed up abused women. That’s the type of woman who goes into this. Besides the usual Whore personality, a lot are probably female psychopaths (sort of the same thing), and quite a few have Borderline and possibly Narcissistic tendencies. A lot of drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, and suicidal para-suicidal nonsense. It’s a Cluster B shitshow all the way. Most are fast line types trying to die by 30 and leave a pretty corpse.

    If you’re not some really hard biker or gang member type guy, just forget it. Women like this will give you nothing but misery. They see men as walking ATM’s to be drained any time they feel like it, and that’s how they are likely to see you. Just using, manipulative, crazy, damaged bitches.

    1. Thanks to years of advice on this blog, I now know how to avoid Cluster B-girls. They treat their partners very badly in a relationship, and are equally troublesome for stranger males. Avoid all conversations with them.

      Such women in my experience are 12-20% of the population. Some regions and populations may have a higher percentage of Cluster B types. Many of them could be attractive but that’s not a determiner. They suffer from narcissism, histrionics and borderline psychopathy. They lack human empathy and have tremendous addiction to what the Germans call Schadenfreude. They get secret pleasure out of your misery.

      These bitches will completely ruin your self-confidence if you cling too close.

      It’s so much better to cast your net wider and avoid Cluster B clusterfucks.

  3. If a stripper rips off a lawyer or even a construction worker, what do I care? Well, especially I don’t care if it’s a doctor or lawyer, lol.

    Anyway, guys going to strip clubs are thinking with their dick and, of course, they expect to get fucked – but a poor man might be scared – he could possibly waste too much money, but his dick will force him.

    But… are men getting entertained? Is it worth the cash? Well, it’s like casino. Guys go to a casino with a similar mindset – but they do get entertained!

    1. They don’t steal from men at strip clubs. I mean not really. But if you get involved with one of those bitches, watch out! They’re basically whores, thieves, and female psychopaths. The whole purpose of their existence is to steal from men.

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