Stalkers at Strip Clubs

I’ve always wondered about this, but luckily there is this stripper forum I found:

But aren’t strippers the psychos, lol?

Before dancing, I always considered myself to be a happy-go-lucky, paranoia-free person. I believed all people are good, some just make bad choices. I didn’t care if “the government” knew personal information about me or if my data was posted online. I never really thought about any harm being done to me because I’m pretty much as non-offensive and unassuming as a person can get so no worries there.

A little over 2 years ago I met an older customer (let’s call him Daniel) who would spend hours with me in VIP drinking wine and talking about books he’d gave me. From the beginning I knew something was “off” about him…some things didn’t add up. He proclaimed his extreme wealth was “self-made,” however he never explained what he did to make that money.

He told lots of stories about political corruption in Mexico, yet I got the feeling he was friends with the people involved. He did other odd things as well like declaring he loved me, repeatedly saying we would have genius children, trying to buy me over-the-top gifts like a Tesla and a condo downtown, and overall displaying lots of obsessive behaviors.

But I ignored my gut feeling because the money was too good, and I liked that managers and waitresses started treating me favorably, since he’s one of the top paying customers in our club.

Very quickly he got verbally abusive. He’d tell me I had many “character flaws” and then say I’m not mature enough to hear them. He’d also frequently say I’m getting too old, and no one will want to marry/have kids with me, even though I’m in my early twenties.

Every time I got up to leave after he was rude, he’d beg me to come back and say he only says these things because he wants the best for me. He’d then bombard me with money and praise as a poor apology.

Anyone ever have a customer stalk them? If so, how did you handle it?

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2 thoughts on “Stalkers at Strip Clubs”

  1. Yes, Real Whores, Stripper Whores, Pornstar Whores and other assorted Whores are very often female psychopaths, Histrionics or other Cluster B maniacs.

    And yes, psychopathic Whore types also attract a lot of extremely bad men, as in the worst men of all, as in men who are often quite psychopathic as Hell. Just like the women, no?

    Bad women attract bad men and vice versa. It should not be surprising that like birds fly together.

    It’s Psychopath vs. Psychopath, high noon shootout at the Whore Hotel. If you know what’s good for you, you will sit this one out. Let the bad boys have the Whores. Lord knows they deserve them.

  2. LOL! He bought her a Tesla and a condo downtown and she took those gifts? And didn’t think he wanted anything in return? He’s not stalking her at all. He’s hanging around with her at work, buying her wildly lavish gifts that no one else ever gets bought for them, and he’s starting to act like a controlling asshole. Well, it all adds up. But where’s the stalking? I don’t see any. And of course he’s talking about marrying her! He just bought her a $100,000 condo and a $50,000 car! What do you expect him to do?

    This woman is being silly.

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