Boring Betas at Strip Clubs?

How do you even talk to guys who are dull as a spoon? I have been working during the weekdays, which I don’t do (for this reason), and there are like 1-2 tables that I can sit with usually at a time. 100% of the time, they are SO BORING. I flirt and I entertain them and we do dances and they tip me, which I love, but I get so bored after a while. They are so easily entertained! Are people who come into the strip club just stupid as fuck? I feel like i have to dumb myself down to relate to the people who come in.

I’m thinking of just camming instead of stripping, I have cammed once before and I had fun. Stripping just seems like it attracts a really dumb crowd.

yes, a lot of them are guys who have no “game”, don’t have people skills, and can’t get beautiful female attention without paying for it..and they don’t feel they really have to try and be charming or hold your attention, because like i said before, they’re already paying you to give them attention. if they’re tipping and getting dances, money is enough to hold my interest..i could talk to a rock as long as i’m getting paid haha, maybe you’re just a little burnt out?

Yeah, I feel you. There are alot of boring guys in the club. I think they are just tired/worn-out from the daily grind of their jobs. Some of them just want to sit there and relax and not say much because it is the only time in their lives where they get to do that. But not everyone is boring. Sometimes you just have to try to get them out of their shell. I tend to make most guys feel comfortable enough to spill some funny/ crazy stories. But I try to find the nerdy types anyway, someone to talk nerdy things with.

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