The T-Boost Scam (Industry)

Truth of the matter – all these pills might work – but you don’t need them!    The fact is that just running and working out – even at a slightly above moderate level, seems to boost the testosterone.

But, anyway, as usual, people are looking for quick fixes – so these “snake oil medicine” industries come to the rescue. – but it’s probably very unsafe to boost stuff thru chemicals – that could be boosted naturally.

But why are people so lazy?  I mean, do we really need anti-depressants as well as probably tons of other “not needed” medicines?   Well, it’s certainly the job of drug stores and doctors to convince of this – cause that’s how they make money!

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One thought on “The T-Boost Scam (Industry)”

  1. Well tell you what Jason. I have no idea why my dick went on a sit down strike a few years ago. But I’m 61 years old. And all the running and working out on Earth isn’t going to raise my testosterone for jack. So I get testosterone shots. And if I don’t get those shots, my dick is flatlined. And no amount of artificial respiration can revive it. I know. I’ve had some female friends perform mouth to mouth on my dick before, and it doesn’t work. The only reason my dick gets hard at all anymore is those damned shots. Without them, I may as well stage a funeral for my dick.

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