If Only for the Bad Apples!

Well, @Robert Lindsay is highly critical of Black Lives Matter, Me Too, or any other cultural left project – but honestly, as long as abuse exists in the culturally conservative world – there’s going to be a backlash – and it’s impossible to get rid of bad apples!  Anyone know how?  How to get rid of the “psychos in the woodwork”?

Now, myself, I’ve seen male psychos feeding the cultural left – but also female psychos, non-white psychos – oddly enough, feeding the opposite – anti-PC movements (white nationalism, pro-misogyny etc..).

So bad apples are basically responsible for all the extremist movements out there – driving up backlashes creating them.

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One thought on “If Only for the Bad Apples!”

  1. These cultural conservatives have been abusing Blacks, women, gays, etc. my whole life. All through the 60’s and 70’s, and we never had groups like this, or if we did, no one listened to them and most everyone just thought they were fucktards. They existed in the 1980’s too, but almost everyone hated them back then too and there were only a few of them, mostly Marxist “people of color” who had gone to university a few years too long. I knew one moron who was a Professional Hispanic, age 35, working on his Master’s Degree in History. He was about as White as I was but he called me “pilgrim.” Almost everyone thought he and everyone like him was a fucktard.

    Now in the 2010’s, when prejudice against women, Blacks and gays has never been lower and is drastically less than in the 60’s-80’s, these idiots are everywhere.

    They’re not necessary. When discrimination was far worse than it is now, they barely existed and everyone hated them. Now that social sadism is collapsing, they’re lurking behind every corner. It makes no sense.

    And the discrimination bullshit is never going to go away. There will always be racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. And they are racists and sexists themselves. They hate Whites and men. They should talk.

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