Alt Left: Everything You Have Been Told By the Western Media about the Ukraine Conflict is a Complete Lie

This is a summary of the Ukraine conflict from Maidan to the present day.

The US media has been lying about Ukraine from day one. They have never said one single thing about this matter that was true in any way.

Why pay attention to what I say? For one thing, I know more about this than just about anyone you will ever meet. I was close to people who were deeply allied with the Russian separatists in the East. That doesn’t make right but maybe it makes me someone you ought to listen  to.

50% of Ukrainians speak Russian and 50% speak Ukrainian. This has been the main fault line in  the  country since independence.

After being put into power by the US and NATO coup, the Ukrainian Nazid started killing people. In fact they started murdering people even before they got into power in their murderous Maidan Color Revolution, when NATO snipers from Lithuania and Georgia holed up in a building where they shot both protesters and the Berkut police.

The US media then immediately blamed the Berkut police, who never killed one person in those riots. We now have the Georgian snipers on videotape saying that they were hired by NATO to fire on people, but they had no idea what they were really doing, and now they feel bad about it.

The old Ukrainian government was fine. It was elected in a democratic election. It was not illegitimate in any way. The overthrow of Yanukovitch was a plot by the US and NATO.

There are two big groups in Ukraine – Russian speakers and Ukrainian speakers. The Russians are allied with Russia and the East, and the Ukrainians are allied with NATO and the West. Both groups have ~50% support.

The pro-Western groups tried to push through a measure allowing Ukraine to join NATO and the EU which was sponsored by the US and NATO. They had a vote and it lost by a narrow margin. The President opposed the measure as he was pro-Russian.

Since they lost, the pro-Ukrainians tried to seize power by force. This coup was plotted by the US, specifically by US diplomat Victoria Nuland, who is the brains behind the putsch and gave the Ukies $5 billion to stage this coup. Demonstrations went on for a while, but they lacked majority support.

Finally there was violence at the end as noted above when NATO snipers shot many people in a false flag operation which was immediately blamed on the government’s police, most of whom had no guns at all.

Yes, the president who was removed by the violent coup was corrupt, but all Ukrainian governments before and since have been corrupt, and the US-supported ones are the worst ones of all.

The new government immediately declared war on labor unions, gay rights activists, feminist groups, human rights groups, independent journalists, etc. because they were neo-Nazi fascists and these are first groups that fascists go after – labor unions, liberals, Leftists, and Communists. They particularly declared war on  the members of the Opposition party supported by Russian speakers, the Party of Regions, which had support of ~50% of the population.

The new Ukrainians were radical Ukrainian nationalists who are all essentially Nazis. They  immediately set about building statues and making holidays for Ukrainian Nazi independence fighters under Stepan Bandera who had fought alongside the Nazis and murdered many Jews and Poles during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine in World War 2.

The government started harassing and murdering prominent figures of the Party of Regions. Fights broke out in Parliament when the Ukrainians tried to beat up POR people. The also murdered many union members, calling them Communists, as the government was now ruled by radical anti-Communist fascists.

In a building in Kiev, up to a score of labor leaders were chained to a heater, and then the building was set on fire. A whole building full of Party of Regions people was assaulted by Nazis in Odessa. They were tortured, strangled, and set on fire. About 80 people died. The US media barely covered it and described as some sort of fight between two groups while assigning no blame.

The new Ukrainian government immediately said it was joining NATO and the EU. They also said they were taking over the Russian navy port in Crimea at Sevastopol. This port is crucial to Russia’s national security. Russia was alarmed and said they would not permit Ukraine to join NATO, as that is a severe threat to their national security.

Crimeans began agitating for independence. Crimea has always been a part of Russia. It was only added on to Ukraine in 1950 by Khrushchev because he was a Ukrainian himself. When Ukraine declared its independence in 1991, Crimea refused to go along with it, saying they wanted no part of the new state. They had to be put down by force.

So the little green men came to Crimea and restored it to Russia. Crimea had a vote on independence, and ~90% voted for joining Russia. Repeated opinion polls since found that 85-90% of Crimeans support joining Russia.

The new government also declared total war on Russian speakers by removing the Russian language  as a national language and even banning it from all official communications. The Russian language was more or less made illegal. The new government regularly made incendiary comments against Russia and the Russians in their country, who they viewed as traitors.

A completely grassroots citizen’s rebellion started slowly in the East where common people started seizing police stations and army bases. Most of the police and a lot of the army simply went over to their rioters. Russia had nothing to do with any of this, and in fact they very much opposed it.

These people soon declared their independence and became separatists. They voted on independence in the separatist region, and they got ~90% support. Subsequent opinion polls showed that that was correct, with 85-90% support. I believe the separatists had 80% support, but it soon went to 100%. The US and the West said the elections were fraudulent, but actually they were free and fair.

A low level guerrilla war started in the East. Supplies started coming in from Russia via the “Army Surplus Store,” as it was called. A lot of soldiers and citizen veterans got roused up nationalistically about the separatist matter. They were given permission to take Russian military weaponry and vehicles and move them into Ukraine to support the rebels.

Putin didn’t want anything to do with this clandestine support for the separatists, but he turned a blind eye to this amateur effort to arm the fighters. He still wanted federalism and autonomy for the East within Ukraine. The US and Ukraine were adamant that there would be no autonomy or federalism in the separatist region.

The separatists had mass support, ~80% of the population. The Ukrainian army started conquering a lot of the region, and when they went in to towns, ~20% of the people would come out and greet them.

There were guerrillas fighting an extremely dirty war in all the towns and villages, but they were very hard to find, as they were dressed like civilians and hid in the population. So these separatist guerrillas were operating far behind enemy lines. They could not be defeated.

After a while of occupation, the 20% pro- Ukrainians all went over to the separatists due to the abuses of the occupiers.

There were a number of atrocities via shelling in the area. Most of them were behind separatist lines. Quite a few civilians were killed, and there was a lot of outrage. The US and the media blamed the separatists for each of these atrocities, but they were all done by the Ukrainian, whether on purpose or not, I have no idea.

The OCSE is the armed police and “peacekeeper” wing of the EU, and they were cruising all over this warring region lying everywhere, making up stories, and blaming the rebels for all atrocities which were all done by the Ukrainian.

At one point, the Ukrainian gained momentum, and it seemed like they were going to conquer the region. The separatists were retreating and everyone said they were going to lose.

At that point, yes, Putin did invade with ~10,000 troops to rescue the separatists. He never admitted it but they pushed the Ukrainian way back, recovered most of their territory, and even started easily conquering new territory where most people also supported the rebels. Russia lost 200 men in this fighting.

However the Ukrainians got massacred and at the moment, they have suffered 12,000 killed in action. The Ukie government lied and said they were “missing,” and I believe that is still their official status.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Everything You Have Been Told By the Western Media about the Ukraine Conflict is a Complete Lie”

  1. Ukraine is ground zero for Lolitas. If you want an 18 year old hot blonde girl, and you’re a 60 year old foreigner, you’re in luck. As long as you can pay for her basic needs (and her Babushkas favorite kitten), she’s yours. For as long as you want.

    There’s only one drawback. The girls have shitty personalities. But the ones that date foreigners usually speak good English. As long as you can put up with her asshole brother with a Nazi swastika. I mean he don’t mean you any bad, just keep giving him free cigarettes and buy him beer everyday. Some spare change won’t hurt either, then at least he will not kill you if he gets the impression that you’re like an ATM.

    Ukrainians hate homosexuals, Muslims, and Africans in that order. If you’re Muslim, I’d keep that a secret. If you’re Black or a dark-skinned Indian/S.Asian, just stay in well-lit areas at all times. Somehow Pakistanis are well-liked by Ukrainians despite them being Muslims.

    If you’re a faggot, stay the hell out of that country. They will go all pitchfork and gasoline on you, and your embassy will only find about a burned corpse.

    Crazy country, Ukraine. Enter at your own risk.

    1. Place is way too anti-intellectual and redneck – lol. Any university towns there at least?

      Well, where I live at, Northeastern Tennessee – despite the stereotype – it’s no where near that level of hate. The most that comes to that is certain parts of towns, certain valleys. Well, in my valley, they harassed a black/white couple (with many kids) out. But then again, it’s all about “certain places”. In fact, there are just as many rural areas where everyone is welcome – and stores/restaurants are de-segregated without much thought (lots of mixed couples).

      Gays are another matter, though. None to be seen openly outside big towns.

  2. The linguistic situation in Ukraine is not as clear-cut as you wrote. Most Ukrainians are bilingual at least to some extent. There is no clear correlation between linguistic affiliation and political loyalty. Some people whose primary language is Russian are loyal to Ukraine. Pro-Russian sentiment seems to be on the wane in Ukraine.

    Like stupid nationalists everywhere, Ukrainian nationalists seem to think that bigger is better. That’s why they are so reluctant to let go of Crimea and the Eastern provinces. Smart nationalists go by principle that homogeneous is better than diverse. A smaller Ukraine in which 80% of the population is Ukrainian would be more cohesive than a larger Ukraine in which only 55-60% of the population is Ukrainian.

    Ukraine’s per capita GDP is only 50% of that of White Russia. In White Russia they don’t antagonize Russia or try to sell themselves to NATO, but they are doing much better. Maybe those incompetent Russophobes in Kiev should take a look at Minsk.

  3. The Ukraine has a right to be angry. Basically, the Soviet Union was hypocrites – saying they were against imperialism, while keeping plenty of nations as colonies.

    1. It wasn’t a colony. Have you ever heard of a colony that had a higher standard of living than the colonizer. The USSR was a country. A country full of many regions. And when it split up it let many of those nations go. Many other countries are also full of many regions and nations. Quite a few of those regions or nations wish to split off and go free like those of the USSR. But they are never allowed to. Their votes are disregarded and if they pick up arms, they are brutally put down.

      The USSR let ~10 different regions split away from the USSR because it was in the Constitution that they had a right to secede. So you can see that the USSR was one of the most progressive countries in the history of the world then. No other country has adhered more to the principle of the self-determination of nations to secede than the USSR.

      More progressive than Spain, Turkey, Somalia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Sudan, Angola, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, India, and even Ukraine itself!

      1. As you pointed out, Russia, the supposed colonial power, was the poorest of the 15 republics of the Soviet Union, except for the 5 Central Asian one, which were far richer than Afghanistan. On the other hand, it can’t be denied that there was some linguistic imperialism within the Soviet Union. There was no systematic attempt to Russify the entire country, but there was an encroachment of the Russian language on the others.

        I don’t get the story about the secession of 10 regions. Weren’t there 14? The peaceful disintegration of the Soviet Union was one of the great events of our time. It can’t be compared to the more or less voluntary dissolution of the British Empire. Very few Brits lived in the African, Asian or Caribbean British colonies, but 30 million Russians were living in the 14 non-Russian republics. By allowing them to secede, the Russians handed over 30 million fellow Russians to foreign rule.

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