Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s very inspirational and I finally got to see it, though, it’s a shame I talked myself out of seeing it at the theater.

Anyway, don’t care much for Freddy’s lifestyle, lol – though, it does add color to his persona and depth to the movie.  But, really, we’re people so naive in the 70s, including his own band, that they didn’t think he was gay – or I guess it was all about the music, they were so focused on that and not irrelevant bullshit?

Anyhow, Queen definitely had their own awesome sound and were revolutionary in breaking barriers for middle eastern people and gays – both despised on this website (sarcasm).

Oh, fun fact:

Queen was probably the smartest band ever.  The guitarist was an astrophysicist, no joke, the bass player was studying electrical engineering and the drummer studying dentistry (Is that a smart profession?).  As for Freddy, definitely a high-IQ genius probably!

Well, what rock bands can say that?

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