Narcissism and Psychopathy Are on Continua Too

Very good book.

I just finished reading this book.  It it titled The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain

Author is a well known neuroscientist who discovered while looking at his brain scan that he is a psychopath himself! His scan looks exactly like that of a criminal psychopath. He is what is called a prosocial psychopath. These types or even a lot of the antisocial noncriminal psychopaths types are everywhere in politics, business, law enforcement, the military, law, and medicine. Psychopaths are attracted to all of those fields and all of these areas of work are swarming with those jerks. Most antisocial noncriminal psychopaths never spend one day of their lives in a jail or prison. They are what I like to call legal criminals, always skating  just on the edge of the law. Our government (see Mr. Trump) and many corporations are full of these “legal criminals.” I don’t think too much of them honestly.

I’ve met a few apparent antisocial criminal psychopaths in my life. The last one was a 23 year old woman! You really need to stay away from them.

Every psychopath who entered my life ended up harming me. For the most part, they all stole from me. You won’t be able to befriend these people without getting used and harmed because that is exactly what they do to most if not all other humans. Nobody emerges unscathed from befriending a psychopath. You’re not going to get away with it!

Psychopathy is also a continuum, just like…everything! The PCL scale ranges from 0-40. 0’s and 40’s are not common. For instance, I assure you that I am absolutely not a 0! But I am not a psychopath either, although my score is  for sure somewhat elevated above that of  goody-goods, cop-lovers, authoritarians, and choir boys.

On the other hand, I don’t really victimize innocent people, unless you count women, but that’s debatable as all’s fair in love and war! Sexual relationships are generally outside of morality. They can be immoral but they have to be pretty bad to get to that point. Players, pump and dumpers, easy women, etc. are generally not behaving immorally.

30+ is a psychopath and 20+ has serious psychopathic traits. Even in 0-20, if you score a 6 on the scale, and someone else scores a 12, they will appear more psychopathic to you. If we look at the scale that way and pick out everyone who clearly has elevated psychopathy, we are talking about 10-20% of the population or maybe more. Maybe a lot more.

Most everything else in the world that is a subjective quality  is a continuum too. Philosophically, qualities and objects are different things. Objects are objective and generally are not on a continuum. An object either exists or it doesn’t, 100 or zero. There’s no such thing as part of an object or an object that is only there a little bit but not completely there.

For instance, all humans are narcissistic and you can score that on a scale too. Narcissism and self-esteem mean the same thing! So low narcissism means low self-esteem. And high narcissism means high self-esteem, which is considered to be normal and is actually thought of as good mental health, although some folks might find people with big egos like this a bit much.

Here we are into people who are vain, conceited, self-centered, etc. but nevertheless normal. None of those three things are indicative of narcissism.

Sure narcissists have all of those in spades, but narcissism goes far beyond that. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is pathological narcissism (Trump), and if you have been around anyone like that, trust me, they are real bastards and get on your nerves real fast if you are reasonably sane.

They are very annoying people and actually they are rather mean, ugly, and hostile in many ways. NPD’s are not very nice people!They are also profoundly selfish. They really don’t care about you! It’s all about them. What’s all about them? Everything. Face it, you’re either a taker or a giver in life. Narcissists are takers, not givers. They don’t necessarily take from everyone, but they definitely don’t give to much of anyone either. All of their stuff, material and otherwise, is for them.

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2 thoughts on “Narcissism and Psychopathy Are on Continua Too”

  1. Best thing to avoid them, but honestly, who can resist strippers and web cam girls?

    Well, one thing interesting to note about “legal criminals” is they believe they are perfectly normal and they convince many others they are. BUT – when curtains are closed, that’s when they become abusive to people. That’s where all the “nursing home abuse”, “police abuse” stores come out – and this all, of course, unfortunately, feeds the cultural left (me too movement etc..).

    So basically, it’s psychos ruining the culturally conservative world – that would otherwise work well.

    1. Don’t get involved with them! Don’t date or have relationships with whores of any variety, porn star whores, cam girl whores, stripper whores or real deal whores. I think you are going to have problems with the lot of them, the real deal whores absolutely being the worst of all.

      I dated a cam girl for a while. She didn’t exactly have that crazy personality, but she had some histrionic traits like all these women do. But she was pretty nice. She was just nuts, seriously crazy. She had very low self-esteem and was an alcoholic, pretty much. Also a pot addict and really an addict on anything. She would regularly get drunk and start talking about killing herself. This happened over and over and created these constant crises.

      She kept moving around the country and world, always being unhappy everywhere. She always blamed the place, but my Mom said, “She’s not going to be happy anywhere. The unhappiness is in her, not in these places where she lives.” I agree.

      Everywhere she went she dragged herself along with her, and she always ended up having to be with herself no matter where she lived. And being with herself was what was making her unhappy, so no change of scenery was ever going to fix that.

      It’s like “wherever you go, there you are.” You really can’t escape the self. You can run and run but when you finally stop running, there’s the self coming right up behind you, soon to catch you. You cannot run from your fears and you cannot run from the self either. Either one is always going to catch up to you.

      That’s one thing I am always telling my counseling clients – “You cannot run from your fears.” I mean you can and it seems like you are escaping them but as soon as you stop running, there’s fear coming right up behind soon to catch you. You can’t and won’t run forever. It’s too exhausting and the mind needs a break now and then.

      But fear and the self and other essentialities like that never stop running, so they will always catch up to you, and there you are all over again, stuck as you were before.

      The only way to defeat fear is to face it down. The only way to fix the self is the same – you’ve got to stop running from yourself, face yourself down, and seriously try to fix whatever’s wrong whether you want to or not.

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