Alt Left: Feminists Don’t Want Equality; They Want to Defeat and Dominate Men

We men have been lording it over women for at least 12,000 and probably far longer than that. Patriarchy was usually the only way to be for any society.

However, in recent years in the West, patriarchy has started to crumble, mostly due to the assaults of the feminists. This is a good thing in most ways. However there are still quite a few battlements in the bombarded fortress which are active and not good for women.

And women have started to institute a matriarchy over men too in some ways. Like the #metoo nonsense. It was inevitable. Most groups fighting for their rights don’t really want equal rights. They want to defeat the people dominating them and turn the tables to where the dominated are now dominators.

So the remains of patriarchy continue to oppress women while the newfound matriarchy now oppresses men. Both sexes are both oppressed and oppressors now.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Feminists Don’t Want Equality; They Want to Defeat and Dominate Men”

  1. Well, it was bad apples in the culturally conservative world creating the mess to start. It was them creating inadvertently creating all the anti-White, anti-male movements out there by their own behavior. Now these backlashes have gotten out of control – creating new bad apples who are driving another backlash – back in the old direction (toward a USA 50s style world).

    Of course, it would be bad apples too behind the “me-too” and “anti-racist” movements picking on whites and males without a good cause (but that’s not saying there aren’t some bad Whites and males).

    In my own experience, extremist sympathizers pick on weak targets. It’s quite cowardly. I mean, an example would be some smart-ass Black trying to start crap with some random White person – who is just happening to stroll thru the neighborhood – or maybe pick on a White teacher.

    But, seriously, we can’t get rid of rude people – and there will always be bullying I think.

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