Women Who Live to Beat Up the Men in Their Lives

SHI writes: “Women respect integrity…”

There are douchey women with absolutely no integrity whatsoever. I think they share every bit of contempt for good honest men as their douchey male counterparts.

If you want to score with them, you have to be a sick perverted man and lie through your teeth. They absolutely hate a man with integrity because in a relationship, such men would not satisfy their whims. The pesky moral conscience gets in the way.

These asshole women are like gold-diggers but not all of them are after money. They simply gain pleasure out of controlling the men in their lives, through sex or whatever. It is important for them to be the abuser in the relationship while playing victim to the hilt. These bitches are promiscuous and easily get bored of their husbands.

Being an ASSHOLE is a choice, not restricted to any specific gender.

I’ve had some girlfriends like that! I swear some women are just sick. They look for men who they perceive as weak or soft so they can beat the Hell out of them, mostly verbally, in the relationship. They insult you and have a sadistic gleam in their eyes when they do it. They insult you in front of groups of people. They insult you when they first meet you.

When they first meet you, they will laugh in your face, insult you, and then basically proposition you by asking you to come stay with them for a couple of weeks! It’s a bit jarring, like “Does this crazy bitch like me or hate me or what?!”

I still meet women like this to this day on dating sites. I met one a while back. She was arguing with everything I said and shooting down all my comments as “inappropriate” or “immature.” I basically wasn’t allowed to talk about anything, as I guess everything I said was not proper somehow. She was almost laughing while she was talking to me.

These women are very condescending towards the men in their lives. I have a pretty soft voice and generally come across as a pretty soft-spoken, soft sort of man. I’m not a wimp at all, but I am not the most masculine guy in the room, and a lot of people mistake that for wimpiness.

However my Mom pointed out that wimpy means a man who won’t fight back, and I absolutely fight back. In fact, I fight back so hard that I am quite proud to call myself a psycho. I don’t attack, rape, rob, and kill innocent people, but you mess with me and you’re going to be awful sorry! You screw with me and I’ll kill you is my attitude.

These bitches make a beeline for me, and their eyes light up when they see me. When they talked to me, it seemed like they were almost laughing under their breath the whole time, making fun of me.

Unless you are some crazy masochist who likes to get beat up by his woman, you need to avoid these women at all costs. They’re sick. They’re basically sadists.

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3 thoughts on “Women Who Live to Beat Up the Men in Their Lives”

  1. Those are women who have borderline-genocidal traits, similar to Hitler or Pol Pot. Because they’re not in a position of power, they might appear harmless for the moment. But make no mistake, these are very cruel creatures. Pure evil personified.

    Usually they are go-getters and very successful in their careers. They can be as narcissistic as Donald Trump. They have little patience with the emotional needs of their significant half. If you’re unfortunate enough to walk into a relationship with Ms. Pol Pot or Ms. Hitler, you deserve the worst. The warning signs were all there, and you were dumb enough to walk into this cesspit of evil.

    Just as there are evil men, there are evil women, and it’s very hard for these creatures to disguise their intentions. They should not be shown any mercy or grace. It is usually safer to avoid them, but if you are forced to interact, make it very clear that you understood who they are and protect your boundaries.

    In the Medieval Ages, such women were beheaded for sorcery or conspiracies. They are bad news and have no soul.

    1. When men decide they want to be “players”, they’ve signed up for a world of lousy women.

      I mean, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”. Who are we kidding here? Roosh and similar ones – seem to think players are going to beat women into submission – making them into Mormons. How ludicrous this is!

      Bottom line, if your a bad boy, you’re going to get bad girls.

      1. Ever wonder why “Roosh” and “douche” rhyme together? He’s just full of shit, I was swayed by his wisdom for a while many years ago, and it didn’t do me any good.

        In the player department, Robert kicks Roosh’s weak and pathetic ass in terms of real wisdom.

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