Male and Female Psychopaths: Some Differences

SHI: Just as there are evil men, there are evil women, and it’s very hard for these creatures to disguise their intentions. They should not be shown any mercy or grace. It is usually safer to avoid them, but if you are forced to interact, make it very clear that you understood who they are and protect your boundaries.

In the Medieval Ages, such women were beheaded for sorcery or conspiracies. They are bad news and have no soul.

Basically evil bitches from Hell! I’ve been running into a lot of these lately. Mostly young women who are gold-diggers. To sum up, they are basically trying to steal money from me. They are worse than whores because at least whores give you something in return for your money. These monsters just steal your money and give you nothing in return. They are almost all young women. I think it is because I am an older man.

I lost $80 to one of these harridans not long ago. She was 1/2 Black, 1/4 Hispanic and 1/4 White. She was pretty ghetto, was basically a whore (prostitute), and had the personality of a The Whore (the worst female personality of them all).

I am convinced that she was a female psychopath. Indeed, 45% of female prostitutes are psychopaths! A lot of strippers, cam girls, porn stars, sex workers, etc. have this same personality and a lot of them are female psychopaths.

When a woman goes psychopathic, she basically turns into a whore and a thief. She can be very psychologically and spiritually violent, but not physically violent because women are just not like that. Physical violence is a trait of men only. These women are about as bad as a woman gets – a whore and a thief – typically both at the same time.

However, male psychopaths, while not usually whores (except for gay men, and yes, a lot of gay psychopaths are gay whores when young), are typically thieves, and they can get a lot worse than that. That is because the male psychopath is often physically violent, and that is downright menacing and dangerous as Hell.

Females, even female psychopaths, are just not violent. It’s simply not in the character or soul of the female to be like that. Women almost seem to have an inborn physical revulsion towards physical violence, like the very thought of it physically repulses them and makes them nauseaous.

The most evil women I have ever known definitely drew the line at physical violence. I have heard evil women discussing how they are going to get back at their enemies, and the subject of homicide came up, and every one of those women would draw back and put a line in the sand, “Well, wait. We can’t kill them. We just can’t do that.” Any other evil women within earshot would nod their heads.

If you think about it, it’s not adaptive for females to be physically violent. For one, she might kill her own kids! The trait’s not going to get passed down that way. For another, think back to caveman days to those Alpha Psychopathic Caveman who were monopolizing all the women with harems while making sure via terrorism that most men were not able to breed.

Picture one of these maniacal cavemen if you will. Now think of whether these caveman psychos would put up with any physical violence from the women they were lording it over. Hell no. Any physically violent women back then would probably be promptly murdered by those dangerous men.

And as SHI notes, physically violent or murderous women were killed as sorcerers, witches, or conspirators by men back in the Middle Ages when humans were not nearly so civilized and kind-hearted as they are now.

You can have society with murderous men, and we have exactly that all over the world. But you can’t have a society where 100% of the population is physically violent and murderous. That society’s probably not going last long before they all simply kill each other.

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4 thoughts on “Male and Female Psychopaths: Some Differences”

  1. She can be very psychologically and spiritually violent, but not physically violent because women are just not like that.

    Rob, you’ve been living in the developed world for way too long, like forever. That’s given you all this forgiveness.

    You should’ve been with one of my Thai girlfriends. If they’re really pissed at you, you will be murdered in your sleep after which she will steal all your valuables – passport, phone, wallet, cash, foreign exchange, gold jewellery and go back to her former boyfriend, another Farang from Russia or Czech Republic etc.

    This is precisely what happened with an American sex tourist in his mid 40’s except he lived to tell the tale. He had been drugged and only had a pack of cigarettes to call his own. I bought him breakfast and offered to take him to the embassy but for some reason, he did not want to go back to the US.

    He didn’t have money for bandage and had his wounds dressed with toilet paper. I hope he’s still alive and done with his adventures.

    1. Women are sometimes violent, but really just not that much. 95% of the people in US prisons for violent crime are men. Think about it. That really means something. Women are violent but only at much lower rates than men. Basically men are 20X more violent than women! It’s not that women are not violent, it is more that they are not violent very often and have low rates of violence. One thing I never worry about with a woman is physical violence. Even if they hit you, it feels like nothing. It’s a joke really. With men, I very much worry about physical violence.

    1. Interesting, thanks for that. I don’t think you are all that psychopathic. Maybe a bit…Psychopathy is a spectrum just like everything in life. The Psychopath Scale goes from 0-40. Over 30 and you are a full-blown psychopath. Over 20 and you have serious psychopathic tendencies. Below 20 you don’t even have serious psychopathic tendencies. But even there, a higher score means that while you are in the normal range, you are somewhat more psychopathic than many other normals.

      I think you have high narcissism. That’s for sure. But you don’t have NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Trash had full-blown NPD. Remember him? Remember how annoying he was? That’s how full-blown NPD’s act.

      Also I have high narcissism myself. Narcissism and self-esteem are synonyms, so we are all narcissistic on some level. People with low self-esteem have low narcissism; people with high self-esteem have high narcissism, etc.

      High self-esteem is not considered to be pathological and is generally seen as a sign of good mental health. Not that some people don’t think they are a bit much sometimes with their big egos. You can be vain, conceited and self-centered without being pathologically narcissistic. Maybe you just have high self-esteem. And so what? So you do? Big deal.

      Your typical retard on the Internet thinks that high self-esteem means pathological narcissism or NPD, and that’s just not true at all. People on the Net really don’t know what in the Hell they are thinking of when they talk about mental illness, seriously. They don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

      The recent lamentable trend of grotesque abuse of the word “pedophile” to refer to any adult man who has ever found a 17 year old girl sexually attractive is an example of this nonsense. It’s retardation run wild, a mass hysteria.

      Basically most people are dead stupid about a lot of things, and not only that, but they are so dumb that they are actually dangerous. I basically think most people are dangerous idiots. They’re so dangerously stupid that I pretty much hardly even want to talk to them. That’s misanthropic but I believe my view is correct.

      Humans think emotionally, not logically. This leads to mass retardation when everyone is getting the wrong answer, and you end up with mass hysterias and societies that are more or less afflicted by mass insanity.

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