No, it’s still about the integrity!

Well, @Robert Lindsay was explaining that “bad girls” hypocritically demand integrity from their boyfriends/husbands – while bullying them with “pussy”. “fag” accusations – if they don’t!

However, the question remains, “Why don’t these guys get some good girls, ones that won’t cheat?”.  Well, the fact is – they can’t!  They never had the integrity to attract one.  But I can’t explain where integrity comes from – what it takes to be a real man.  It’s just something men have to discover.  Anyway, for guys with a bad environment, it’s going to be tough!

Of course, there are other obstacles for guys.  Some of them are what society considers ugly (a subjective thing).  Others have disabilities, one that probably predominates these misogynists is autism.  Many have chronic shyness which means  they avoid social gatherings, opting for porn instead – further fueling Ted Bundy/John Gacy personalities.

Anyway, though, the fact remains is that masculinity – as Roosh is explaining it – is bullshit.  It’s not needed to get women, though some of it is emotionally helpful for men.

Well, masculinity – actually has nothing to do with it.  The fact remains for various reasons, some of which are a type of victimization – a lot of males have not developed the ideal character.

Well, isn’t that what we see in the black community? But it affects other ones also.

O.K. myself, I went thru a phase – in middle school, lol – where I fantasized about being Hitler – but I grew out of it.  I mean, come on, guys still into these fantasies – are simply immature boys to be honest.

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