Women Respect Integrity, not Masculinity

@Robert Lindsay, disagrees, but obviously women only complain about masculinity – after you’ve lost integrity. It’s  kind of a way to “rub it in” on guys they don’t respect.  I mean, you take a guy with integrity – and probably he gets away with being more “woman-like” than other guys.

Well, proof of the matter – is look at all the guys women love who are actually androgynous!

But of course, “mans-sphere” sites like Roosh etc.. rub in the fact men are supposed to act like stereotypes from The Village People – but actually doing that is a – comic waste of time. I  mean, feel free if you want, but it’s unnecessary work – and if you have no integrity – the woman will hate your pussy-ass anyway!

Note: Along with integrity – another thing is social reputation. If you get the rep of “being a bitch”, women won’t like you – along with men.  In that case, you will get a “rubbing it in” from women again.

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One thought on “Women Respect Integrity, not Masculinity”

  1. “Women Respect Integrity”

    There are douchey women with absolutely no integrity whatsoever. I think they share every bit of contempt for good honest men as their douchey male counterparts.

    If you want to score with them, you have to be a sick perverted man and lie through your teeth. They absolutely hate a man with integrity because in a relationship, such men would not satisfy their whims. The pesky moral conscience gets in the way.

    These asshole women are like gold-diggers but not all of them are after money. They simply gain pleasure out of controlling the men in their lives, through sex or whatever. It is important for them to be the abuser in the relationship while playing victim to the hilt. These bitches are promiscuous and easily get bored of their husbands.

    Being an ASSHOLE is a choice, not restricted to any specific gender.

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