Men’s Rights Movement – A Load of Despicable Creeps

Who are we kidding here?  I mean, these guys wonder why they can’t get laid – and finally come to the conclusion, with the help of Roosh, even @Robert Lindsay, that they aren’t masculine enough.  So in this case, they Roosh out to become the biggest misogynist, racists as possible.

But as mentioned in the below article:

Women Respect Integrity, not Masculinity

It’s all about the integrity, not the masculinity.  In fact, these guys were rejected by women – at first (probably) – because they’re seen as having no integrity, being a bitch, being weird (a big give-away).

But how can we prevent this dilemma with men – and at the same time – massively reduce public shootings?

Well, it’s certainly a tough deal – because the rise in one-parent homes, pornography, dating sites – ensure that a lot “guys with no integrity” will be produced.  I mean, a sure way to get a “wussy son” – in the true sense, is having a mean bossy/un-respectable mom – in either a home where either, the dad is gone or is pussy-whipped beyond recognition.

Note: Some of these guys do get girlfriends and get married at some point.  However, the point being – they were always dooshes to begin with – because they never came on the scene with integrity.  In fact, I’m sure they would have landed things – a whole lot better – if they weren’t so fucking weird.

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