Alt Left: Effeminate Straight Men Practically Don’t Exist

Responding to parts of the comment referenced on this post:

It’s mostly people who are well off that prefer skinny women and effeminate men.

I would call those men soft or feminine but not effeminate because so few straight men are effeminate like a gay man is. While 70% of gay men are effeminate (act like a woman), only 3% of straight men are.

Most straight men who people call effeminate are not effeminate at all. They might be soft-spoken, quiet, shy, unaggressive, passive, or wimpy and like to read, write, and cook, have good taste in clothes, and spend time on their personal appearance. However none of those activities are for women only.

On a gay forum, one gay men pointed that effeminate straight men don’t exist (I think they do but they are rare), while soft or feminine men are much more common. He also pointed that these feminine men often have a “soft masculinity” about them.

I thought this was absolutely brilliant. No straight man or woman would ever recognize that soft masculinity. It takes a gay man to see it.
The most intelligent things I have heard about subjects like this, including masculinity, were from gay men.

Straight men and women have such poor understanding of masculinity because they simply have too much riding on the question, so they can’t be objective. They’re both right in the middle of the masculinity game, so they can’t see straight. Gay men are not part of this game, and this enables them to sit back at a distance and be completely objective about masculinity, effeminacy, and other related topic.

Straight men don’t know what masculinity is because they tend to have an exaggerated view of masculinity. But straight men are still far better than women. Most masculine men accept and respect me on a certain level on the basis that I “walk the walk and talk the talk.” That’s really all you have to do to get judged masculine in the world of men.

Women are far worse than men when it comes to judging masculinity. They have an absolutely insane idea of what masculinity is. Women think anything less than hypermasculinity is pussy.

Whereas 90% of masculine men accept me on a basic level, at the same time any women in my life would be remarking that I’m pussy or gay. If you want to know who to blame of the toxic masculinity crisis, blame women! Toxic masculinity is 100% the fault of women in my opinion.

Also interesting – ugly or plain women act like they are too good for me and highly attractive women act interested in me.

I get the exact same thing. It’s mostly only attractive or hot women who act interested in me when I am out and about – on dating sites, it’s another matter. When I am out in public, women who are homely or have average looks either ignore me, act hostile to me, or act like they are not interested in me at all. I really don’t understand this.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Effeminate Straight Men Practically Don’t Exist”

  1. I would avoid most of the guys into the “gay accusation” crowd. I mean, basically they’re just picking on nerds, but nobody says “nerd” now, it’s now “gay” a.k.a “not cool”, “not hip”.

    Especially blacks are like that. In an all black area, they’re always picking on anyone “out of style” or something.

    Case in point: Give me a high-five. SIKE, (moves the hand away) too slow dummy!

    1. I think a lot of people who think some straight men are gay simply believe that with no malice intended. They’re decent people who just happen to think that this or that straight man is gay. Mostly it’s just soft guys, soft-spoken, quiet, passive guys, or even wimpy guys. But most guys like that are straight. And most wimpy guys are straight too. Nobody gets this. Like I said straight men and straight women are complete retards when it comes to this stuff. They just don’t get it.

      Wanna figure out if a guy is straight? See if he talks about women. See if he looks at women. If he checks out women or looks at them at all, no way in Hell is he gay because gay men never check out women, ever. And gay men never talk about women, never ever ever. Also gay men usually give off a sexual vibe when you deal with them, and that’s when they are not being out and out flirtatious. Straight men just don’t. If you are talking to a guy and he’s not giving off that vibe, he may well be straight.

      For straight men, gay men are simply a plague. They’re pests. The fewer of them in our lives, the better. If you’re straight and you have gay men anywhere near your life, they’re probably causing weirdness, bad vibes, bad trips, and problems. They need to stay away from us.

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