“Black a Block” is not Condescending Benevolence

Well, nobody likes being around people who talk “condescending” to them all the time.  I mean, obviously, Palestinians and South Africans had their fill of asshole high IQ folks around the corner.  In fact, also among whites, the “redneck ones” would rather vomit – as be near the cultural left.

However, though, the idea of spreading out blacks among the population – to where it’s sort of like in Appalachia or Portugal isn’t this thing.

No, the condescending benevolence – is more like what you’d see around Knoxville, TN, in the suburbs of Chicago or New York – stuff like that.  In other words, it’s not really benevolence – but frustration.  You simply have a white population – often far, but sometimes in or near – the black population – and they’re always bitching about the blacks.

Why would we even think it’s benevolence?  Well, some of these idiots actually try to help people they hate – but it’s more along the lines of being bossy bitches – cause simply the hate is just too severe.  Also, some in their own “fantasy” world – think they are helping blacks “in their heart”. Oh, what a joke!

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