What happens in zombie environments?

Well, in cases of disaster, the worst in people comes out, not the medium or best.   For instance, look at the Rwanda Genocide.  Look at the attempted crushing of the Haitian Revolution (1792) or the black side of the matter.

Yet, despite this evidence, WNs insist The Holocaust Never Happened.I mean, how many times have we heard this?  Well, it just seems to be a convenient way to explain away something – which obviously gives them, such a bad image, that nobody wants to be a WN.

In fact, I have heard the whole Civil Rights movement in the US came about – simply because racism etc. was on the down-swing – because of the Holocaust and World War II.  

Anyway, another argument against Holocaust deniers – is simply the obvious fact that downtimes in Europe’s history have always lead to Jewish persecution (generally). In fact, The Holocaust is just another savage pogrom.

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