Alt Left: Problems Associated with Mass Third World Immigration since 1965

Lot of interesting food for thought here.

From a conversation on the Net. I didn’t write the text below! So please don’t blame me for it. Another man wrote this in the course of a conversation I was having with him on a website, American Renaissance of all places.

What I have noticed is that you have a tipping point that changes a community. Let’s say you are in a community of 90% White and 10% Black. The community will largely reflect White values and norms. If you have 60% Black, 40% White, things shift, and the community largely reflects Black norms.

And it is similar if we use I.Q. instead of race or some other measure. What has happened is mainstream American culture has radically changed since 1950 or even 1980.

I have witnessed this myself. You have massive amounts of crime and corruption everywhere, along with a lack of professionalism, and a lack of accountability (for bad police, bad teachers, bad CEOs etc.). Even in majority White areas there is usually this culture of incompetence.

With the huge influx of Mestizos you have a blending of American culture- American society just tends to look and act a little more Mestizo, as the genetic tendencies and intelligence of the community become more like Mestizos.

In the early 1900’s you had the opposite effect in the United States, which blossomed into the 1950’s heyday.

Germans are one of the most successful people in the world. Germany is generally cleaner, less corrupt, and more prosperous than other European nations. And where Germans go their success usually follows. There was a huge influx of German immigrants to here around the early 1900’s. More Germans immigrated in the United States than any other group (although the Irish come close).

This had a civilizing effect on America. The English are very similar to Germans but they had largely sent their criminals, chronically poor, etc. to populate their colonies. America blossomed into a clean, well oiled, low corruption society. After WW2 Operation Paper Clip brought Nazi scientists to the U.S., we had the greatest innovation the world has ever seen. Most scientific inventions seem to be done by white males of Germanic ancestry.

Similarly, a large influx of Yiddish Jews contributed to the financial dominance of the United States in the world and the country’s dominance in the arts (such as Hollywood).

After the 1950s, as we began to get immigrants from less successful races, we have seen the effect on our society- we are less competitive in the world of cutting edge science (although we still hold the lead), corruption is more commonplace, and academic test scores are down (although there is a lot of effort to conceal this fact).

American society more and more resembles a Second or Third World nation and less resembles the exceptional achievements you find in German or Yiddish communities.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Problems Associated with Mass Third World Immigration since 1965”

  1. This had a civilizing effect on America. The English are very similar to Germans but they had largely sent their criminals, chronically poor etc. to populate their colonies.

    Come on @Robert Lindsay – don’t start talking like @Trash (the old commentator on here), lol.

    Anyway, the poor are what build a nation – and are the poor whites really as unstable as non-whites (aside from northeast Asians)

    1. Hi Jason. I did not write that. Someone else wrote it on the Net in the context of a conversation I was having with him on a website. It’s from American Renaissance of all places.

      1. Well, that just goes to show you that – the racist right, doesn’t like real working white people. They’re a bunch of snobs – in a way similar – to the cultural left.

  2. America needs to get rid of any Hindu Indians that support Narendra Modi, BJP or Hindutva politics. It is the new gold standard for Nazism in the 21st century. The genie is out of the bottle. If America wants to preserve its greatness, these people should not be allowed into its shores.

    1. I really hate these people. Around here we mostly have Sikhs and they do not think much of Modi or the BJP. However we have a few Gujaratis around here and while on the surface, they seem like decent people, once you start talking to them and get to know them, you realize how nasty they are. Every Indian Hindu I have ever met in the US (almost all Gujaratis) was an extreme Hindu nationalist of the BJP variety. One wonders just how many Hindus do NOT support the BJP anyway.

      1. One wonders just how many Hindus do NOT support the BJP anyway.

        There’s very few of them but they do exist. Mostly human rights activists and left-leaning liberals. The average Hindu Indian you meet in the US is a Hindutva fanatic totally beyond redemption. I was somewhere in the middle and supported India’s genocidal occupation of Kashmir in the past, although I would have never supported the rapes and killings.

        But this is because I was brainwashed by Indian media and my surroundings.

        Not anymore. Kashmir fucking deserves independence from Indian occupation – the situation is no better there than Bosnia in the ’90s.

        India has had the most Internet shutdowns compared to anywhere in the world. Some democracy, huh!

        The funny part is almost all Indians parrot every line taught to them by the government-run media, and will bang at their tables even if you politely disagree. Thanks to its massive population, India has the largest number of Internet TROLLS. They have destroyed entire sites including Quora, some sub-sections of Reddit, Twitter, Facebook. They even troll on Breitbart and Stormfront. LOL.

      2. Gujaratis are the worst. They are sewer rats who weave their way into a host country and get very close to the levers of power because of their financial muscle, they are called the “Jews of India” for a reason. You wouldn’t find a more ardent group of Israel-sympathizers anywhere.

        But most of them are piss-poor cowards similar to the Prime Dictator Modi, who will always run away from an honest manly confrontation. But give them the prospect of economic theft, and they will have you hoodwinked before you can scream, “What the Jew, man!”

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