Alt Left: An Argument for the Utility of a Four Year College Degree, in Anything, Yes, Anything at All

I would like to make an argument for the utility of a four year college degree in absolutely anything at all with possibly a few lightweight exceptions.

Here it is:

I majored in General Ed in junior college. I have a Masters Degree and a genius level IQ (over 140). 😉

Most of the work coming out of Studies departments nowadays is quite poor. Sociology, Anthropology, and Pedagogy are badly corrupted by PC. My own field, Linguistics, is a PC hellhole. Even Psychology is becoming badly corrupted.

You would be surprised that Criminal Justice is actually a very liberal field of study. Generally considered part of Sociology. All of the social sciences are very leftwing, History included. Also a notorious black hole of theory, as no one really knows what causes crime or makes it go up or down.

I suppose you do need to write well even in a Studies field. I have met some people with “Studies” majors, one a feminist with a Gender Studies degree. They were often very intelligent. Not sure what good the degree is.

You know, 30-40 years ago, many entry level jobs said “a Bachelors degree in anything.” This was intelligent as these folks felt that getting a BA in most things is not easy at all, and the person probably has at least a 105 and probably a 115 IQ. They probably don’t have a 100 IQ.

On top of that, the BA should have at least taught them the critical thinking so necessary in the workplace. I still believe that a degree in anything shows that this person has been taught the critical thinking skills necessary for higher level work in our society. So those junk degrees are at least valuable in that sense.

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One thought on “Alt Left: An Argument for the Utility of a Four Year College Degree, in Anything, Yes, Anything at All”

  1. Actually, everybody doesn’t need to go to college. Instead, they should improve the high schools. The high schools are shit – at least in the US.

    Myself, I got a worthless 4-year degree (around 20 years ago), and I regret not working hard (at a restaurant job or something) and at the same time, investing my cash into advertising. However, at that time I didn’t understand businesses and stuff. Well, I made an attempt at some “department store product” website – and I was so silly as to post ads on grocery store bulletin boards, lol. But the scary thing is that most people out there might have been just as clueless!

    Anyway, I see what @Robert Lindsay is saying, and a college degree just for fun and enlightenment is a good thing. However, it cannot be something to depend on for future work unless you’re majoring in some math, health, or science related field. In that case, the competition for jobs is getting the degree! Once you have that it’s smooth sailing.

    Now, a person can make money from a humanities degree. But they have to go into self-business – like what I was describing earlier in this comment. They’d have to set up a blog and drive traffic to it. In that case, even a silly philosophy degree could make thousands a month! Now you don’t really need a humanities degree, etc. to write on those blogs – but it would be good credibility.

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