Do white racist extremists – REALLY – like the working class?

My guess they are pawns, useful idiots, for the tweed wearing Charlottesville freaks!   Anyway,  what use would they have for most of them – considering there’s no way your typical welding students would befriend any of them? Anyway, I haven’t even gotten to all “bad boys”- the rough types, in and out of jail.  Well, I suppose all they’d have for Young Republicans is a knuckle sandwich – obviously!

Anyway, what possible difference would the “bad boys” or even the “good ole boys” make in a WN world – when many of them have IQs similar to many non-whites (Northeast Asians aside)?  What good would they be to the WN world – when the smoke weed all day – like a black stereotype – but, of course, also spout out racist stuff.

Well, there are the prison type WNs and the preppie types.  How do these get along?  Seems like they wouldn’t.

O.K., we don’t want to forget auto-mechanics -high IQ types who would probably fart around a preppie – but could be way smarter than one.

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