SJW Punks

You won’t find the most arrogant SJWs – something of an equivalent of the WN Punks – which is – pretty much of all of them – lol, very much in the southeast USA (my home).   They’re tough to find.  Maybe you’d see one isolated on a college campus.

Anyway, outside the Bible Belt – they are surely more aggressive and that’s why so many hate them.  Now, these would be more of the “know it all smarty-pants type” I was talking about in the other thread.

O.K., though, if these types are up-in-arms over Andrew Anglin – I can sympathize – but often they’re just picking on low-level Republicans – maybe “good ole boy” auto mechanics or something.  Perhaps they would want to pick on the neighborhood Christian.   But of course, they would do that “on their own territory” like San Francisco or something  – cause, “We all know identity politics people are chickens.“.

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