Arrogant Know-It-All WNs

Well, that would be another form of high-IQ jerk – mentioned by @Robert Lindsay once.   Well, I suppose everyone’s entitled to an opinion, though – but you’d think people would be content with an advanced math degree (or something) and just mind their own business (Go take a 1-month European vacation or something).  But,no, they have to rub it in and pick on racial minorities – or anyone else weak.

Hmm, I wondering if this isn’t some kind of “Revenge of the Nerds” thing.  But probably these types just might be real smart jock types instead.  They just can’t, though, get enough of throwing people in lockers.  O.K. maybe they are just trying to be “one of the good ole boys” – trying to mask that nerdiness.

O.K. other high-IQ jerks are not necessarily racist – or overtly racist.  They’re just really bossy types – often the school teacher type.  Whether they like it or not, though, their bossiness pretty much is a form of racist bullying – cause it’s all about being condescending, imperialistic – all that fun stuff. 😆

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