The More Distant – The More Distrust

Abe Lincoln was known for freeing the slaves, but what not is known as much – was he was just a “run of the mill” white supremacist – supporting black freedom, only as some way to help white workers.

Anyway, of course, he held barbaric attitudes on race, cause US blacks in his day – were “more black”.  They weren’t mixed – and they weren’t integrated in US culture at all.  They were like illegal aliens (in the US) are now.

O.K., well white supremacists now – want to bring back mass distrust (of blacks) – even though, time is way passed for it!  That’s why they dig up all the articles they can – showing every negative thing they can (crime rates etc..).  Well, those things are happening – but the WN solution, as mentioned in other articles – won’t work.  In fact, simply spreading out a few blacks among many whites is the only thing that works.

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