No Interest in Improving the Social Environment (WNs, Republicans etc.)

Quote: @Robert Lindsay

Whether crime itself would go up or down is somewhat up in the air as Latin America shows that mixed race populations such as Black-White or Black-Indian-White can have some of the highest crime rates on Earth, even higher than full Black populations. When it comes to the causes of crime, there is a lot more than genes going on.

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Quote by @Jason:

Well, half-ness improves blacks etc.. – but if the environment is not improved also – well, that will be a problem! See, in Brazil, for instance, the crime rate is huge – and much of the population is mixed – but the environment is crap.

Anyway, WNs have Nooo interest in improving the environment, none – nor or they interested in mixing the races.

As mentioned in the above comment, they have zip interest in real improvement of the environment – and WNs don’t want racial mixing either.  But what is this going to lead to?  Well, this sort of is pointing toward genocide – cause, honestly, their plans to with racial minorities (Well, what are racial minorities now, lol.) don’t work.

Well, they’re always saying “The Holocaust didn’t happen.” – but, honestly, “Who are we kidding here?”, “I wasn’t born yesterday.”.  Obviously, the situations in World War II lead to the same chaos which – would happen if WNs controlled the world now.

Anyway, the capitalist economics expressed by right wingers simply doesn’t work – and especially not with the racial groups they loathe/hate.

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