White/Black Racial Intermarriage

Got nothing against this – and in fact, it’s a great help to blacks, even if the black man doesn’t stick around! However, though, there are some critics with valid arguments against it. Well, one is the fact the black men don’t stick around, but I’ve already shot that one down.

Now another argument is that these women are getting back at the world – at their dads. O.K. – maybe they are! But, that’s a positive evolutionary thing I think – assuming the women don’t live in black neighborhoods (over 30 percent black or something).

Now, another criticism – is they claim these women are unattractive by society’s standards or they’re low moral. Well, maybe they are by society’s standards or low moral – but who cares? Fuck em! Who cares about things being dictated by normie snobs, racists etc? They don’t have any real power anyway – and the nerve to judge things like beauty or morals!

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