The Up-side of Trustafarian

O.K., I admit. I was a little tough on them in one article I made.   I mean, some of them are pretty cool, to be honest!  Well, I am most familiar with musical artists like – say, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows (Mr. Jones song), David Lee Roth, James Taylor.  All these guys had very rich folks.  Well, actually, all three of these are sons of doctors.  In fact, James Taylor’s dad was actually one of America’s top doctors.

Anyhow, OF COURSE, these guys can easily front a band  (as in cash) – and while that’s sort of unfair – these people produced awesome music!  Music, that say, had come from poorer people, may never had been heard.

On another thought, being a trustafarian affords people the cash to be wild and crazy – cause to be honest, working class people can be dull, mainly because they have to work, LOL.  I mean, who doesn’t love the crazy antics of Adam Duritz, David Lee Roth, 0r Arthur (the rich playboy on that movie)?  Well, the last is a fictional character.

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