European Tribal Wars

On Cry Freedom (the movie) – Denzel Washington makes the claim that Europeans have fought tribal wars for centuries, yet they arrogantly claim blacks are savages.  Well, that sounds about right – or is it?

Well, for sure, wars started by Europeans are more deadly – kind of the “thorn in the pride” thing for “the superior”.  I mean, did Africans invent nuclear weapons.? How could we possibly compare African tribal (or Amerindian, whoever) conflicts to World War I, II or III?

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One thought on “European Tribal Wars”

  1. This is the difference between organized violence and unorganized violence. Yes very civilized people are capable of terrible organized violence. But then the war is over and they go back to being law-abiding Japanese or Norwegians or whatever. So go live in Japan or Norway and report back to me on how civilized the people are. They’re ultra-civilized. Now go live in Africa and report back to me on how civilized the people are. They’re not. They’re uncivilized. Or savages if you wish. So Denzel is wrong.

    Anyway yes, Europeans still fight some tribal wars. So what? They’re bad but most of the continent is peaceful. In Africa, none of the continent is peaceful. There are still some tribal wars going on and they are a lot more deadly than the recent wars in Europe. Whether they are more brutal is up in the air, but there are few things as insane and ultra-brutal as any war in Black Africa.

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