The Fantasy World of Such People!

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There is a thread where the OP is arguing that these comics are a good reason – why Nazis should be punched:

During this conversation one of the Anarchist gave the argument that the purpose of such attacks on fascists like this one and other done by antifa is in order to make supporters of fascist afread to speak there opinions. Now I retorted that would be better not impede the free speech of anyone in order to make terrible ideas become ridiculed. After a few minutes of of jokingly accusing me of being a liberal the supporters of the previous claim gave the reasoning that it’s better to taking a risk and smother such ideologies in the crib, in doing so preventing fascist from being able to organize and then assert power over society through violence. They further elaborated that by the time that fascist dogs are going around with Violet mobs purging the streets it’s too late. Citing the rise of power of fascist groups in the past.

That brought to mind the world the Erenish Comics. Of what the outcome of allowing such a cancer and society to spread could be.

Comment by author:

I’m all for punching bullies, but punching the village idiot makes you the bully.

I have been and will continue to stay out of real world politics in this forum, as much as I can. I occasionally engage in discussions of political nature of course, and I suspect you all have a pretty clear idea about my place on the spectrum, but I don’t want the real world to seep into my own universe and stories without any subtlety.

So I will adopt the Hollywood style disclaimer:

“The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in my stories are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, or male-chauvinistic/authoritarian/theocratic/fascist organizations is intended or should be inferred.”

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One thought on “The Fantasy World of Such People!”

  1. It seems like in these comics – they’re making fun of misogynists. In other words, the real joke is on them – not the women. I mean, what a ludicrous world this is in these comics!

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