When Cluster B Gains Sympathy

Some of these crazy folks are simply giving the finger – to really snooty jerks.  They’re giving the finger to gossipers, backstabbers, self-righteous.  I mean, @Robert Lindsay goes on about lyin, cheatin  whores – but a lot of times, I can see where these women are coming from!  I mean, who are the real bad folks here?

Anyhow, as mentioned, the southeast USA – like anywhere else, has it’s share of stuck-up douchebags – and also it’s share of wild women/men rebelling against them!

Sorry to sound like Jesus talking about tax collectors – but I would trust a stripper any day over a typical southern Christian!

3 thoughts on “When Cluster B Gains Sympathy”

  1. Really? How many psychobitches have you gone out with or been involved with. Alpha has said that the reason a lot of womanizers are misogynists is that they know what women are really like. Familiarity breeds contempt.

    Cluster B types are bad news. Ever known any of them? Ever been friends with or been involved with any of them? They’re no good. Basically just lousy people all around in a lot of ways.

  2. “… I would trust a stripper any day over a typical southern Christian!…”

    You’re either a very poor judge of character or you hang out with people who pretend to be Christians but aren’t. Strippers are a mess as a general rule.

    1. That is an actual fact. They tend to be pretty fucked in the head for some reason. And some act very bad, like whores. They cynically use men for money and their only purpose is to drain your bank account and lift your wallet. They’re almost thieves or actual thieves, like so many Whore Types.

      Others are not bad people, but they are not very stable. The basic personality of The Stripper is the same as for The Prostitute and The Porn Star. It’s The Whore. Think Mata Hari. They’re femme fatales. Like black widow spiders. Don’t get into relationships with women like this or if you do, assume that it is dangerous and you might just be in for a very wild ride.

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