The Dixie Bitch Cafe

Well, myself, I’m always wanting to eat at independent restaurants – but in my area, they seem to have a high percentage of smart-ass teenagers (both genders) working at them.  I suppose it comes from nepotism.

Anyway, they’re all being nice taking your order – and then ten seconds later they’re mumbling “cocksucker” “queer” “nigger lover” 😆 – loud enough where you can hear – of course!

Always, these types cannot make meaningful chit-chat -besides robot-ically taking your order – and then being a bitch afterwards.

Well, let’s not be surprised if tons of people hate their dumb restaurants – but it’s often not enough to make them fail – because I suppose they get enough normie slime to come there.

Anyhow, the fact remains nobody owes these pukes anything.  It’s not my fault their life sucks, that they’re being paid minimum wage, when they think they deserve manager pay or tips.

With such service, you’d think they’d spit in your food, but they don’t – BUT they might as well!

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One thought on “The Dixie Bitch Cafe”

  1. Sheesh, you can’t say things like “queer”, “cocksucker” or “nigger-lover” here in California. Nobody ever uses words like that. They’re just about illegal. Not quite but just about.

    People do say “fags” though. But it’s often used in a descriptive sense as an all around word for gay men, and there’s not necessarily any bad connotations to it. However, I would say that nowadays when people use the word “fags”, they are usually not saying that word in the most complimentary of terms. It’s not really hate though.

    If you haven’t noticed, normal straight men are not that wild about gay men. Or lesbians for that matter. They just don’t like homosexuality much period. And it’s pretty much normal to feel this way. They don’t hate them. Hate is pretty strong word, much abused by the Crazy Left. I would say nowadays that most straight men are tolerant of gays and lesbians, but that’s not to say that they like the idea of them all that much. Most straight men I’ve known pretty much wish there were no such thing as gay men.

    For instance there is this Hispanic really gay guy (quite effeminate) barista at the local Starbucks. I was in there with a friend of mine and my friend called him “Jose Queerbo.” That’s a takeoff on “Jose Cuervo Tequila”, which is widely drunk in these parts, including by yours truly. I had to laugh at that. It was too funny.

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