Teenagers are terrible employees

This isn’t a right-wing view.  It’s just a fact.  In fact, teenagers would work horribly – even in the most merciful left-wing nation.

Now, the reason they’re terrible – is cause they’re spoiled.  They think everybody owes them something.  They don’t want to work their way up.  They want “king/queen status” from the start.

Anyway, I was mentioning in the thread about Dixie Bitches and The Dixie Bitch Cafe – and no doubt, the smart-ass robotic employees are dumb teenagers or at least those who haven’t escaped the mindset – that coupled with a racist/homophobic BS culture – that is the south.

Well, what are good reasons for teens to bitch?  I’d assume bitchy customers – but, mark my word, a lot of the “customer victims” are not bitchy people.  Instead, they’re just targets for “spoiled teen bullying”.

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