Jim Crow – Cluster B White vs Cluster B Black

They’re both psychos.  Well, I am speaking of some of each group.  Basically, the bad blacks piss off the crazy whites.  Also, unfortunately, in the mess – a lot of normal people, of both races, get harmed – and that’s where you get your VICTIMS from.

Well, in the case of Emmet Hill, lynched for whistling at a white woman in 1955 Mississippi, I don’t feel he was probably cluster B – just another VICTIM.

Well, anyway, this is the way it is worldwide. I mean, law enforcement, authorized or not – is bat shit crazy – and often in response to an oppressed group who is the same!

Of course, ideally speaking, so-called oppressive societies are designed to humanely and justly control the oppressed group – but it never works out that way – cause of assholes in the oppressors and oppressed – OF COURSE.

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