They can’t shut off the Cluster B!

Some job fields are actually good for Cluster B personalities.  I mean, looking at TV, for instance, I’ve seen at least two shows (Beevis and Butthead, The Simpsons) where they make fun of the fact “nice guys/gals” cannot succeed in teaching.  For instance, Ned Flanders is no comparison to Mrs. Iron Whip first grade teacher and the Hippie guy on Beevis in Butthead is no match for Colonel Buzzcut!

Anyway, the problem, though, as stated in the title, is many of these psychos – cannot shut off the bossiness, sadism while off work.  In fact, they treat everyone in their life as their student and/or employee – causing massive resentment.  Now, due to politeness, they often get away with much – but it can boil over.

Anyhow, I’m sure people without 70 to 100 percent Cluster B can make it as prison guards, drill instructors, teachers – and maybe society should screen out the really mean people.

I mean, the drill instructor in Stripes (the movie) – wasn’t the one on Full Metal Jacket.  I believe the first one is more representative of real instructors.

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