The Alt-Right wants violence!

The site below is obviously a very biased SJW site – but they are correct in this article.

Indeed, the statements in the article are true – and the alt-right wants a civil war.  Now, this is far different than what the alt-left wants – racial harmony among races already in the US  (a black-a-block etc..) – but an end to mass immigration etc..

Anyway, the alt-right has no plan for racial minorities – only to separate from them – after their fantasy civil war.  And, definitely, there would be a war in such a case, given that welfare would end for non-whites (northeast Asians etc. exceptions).

The danger is that extremists will begin to take it upon themselves to complete the tasks Trump has failed to execute. Since his campaign began, Trump has riled his supporters with fantasies of punishing everyone from Democratic politicians, anti-fascist activists, immigrants and the press to black athletes. Extremists wanted Trump to ethnically cleanse the country and rebuke those who stood in opposition to his agenda. Charging that he appears only interested in maintaining the status quo, they now feel betrayed.

With what army?  This is the fantasy – but no chance in hell of ever accomplishing it.  Bottom line, the vast majority of Trump supporters do not support true white nationalism.

Some of the most extreme neo-Nazis see this as a positive development specifically because they hope that frustration will be channeled into violence. That includes the hosts of “Bowlcast,” a podcast whose hosts glorify mass killers like Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof (the name is a reference to Roof’s haircut) and encourage copycats. “I voted for him and it’s worked out beautifully,” host Vic Mackey said of Trump on a recent episode, “because all these alt-right people who were hoping he was gonna be the next Fuhrer are totally disappointed and they’re black pilled. Now they’re much more likely to do radical things.” Trump “is going to create more Bowers and more Roofs that any other event in recent history,” Mackey predicted.

“There’s gonna be a lot more kike, n***** school shootings,” he continued, “because Trump is completely dissipating the hope that he built his whole campaign around and it’s beautiful.”

A lot of room for terrorism – and it’s scary – but a fat chance of a real civil war!

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