How insane are white supremacists?

The Alt-Right wants violence!

Not sure if alt-right is the correct label – cause average Trump supporters are not that extreme.  Anyway, from what I’ve seen on Facebook – there is surely a lot of bat-shit crazy WNs out there.  They are very violent.  In fact, I have a friend, oddly enough a cool popular type who was never bullied in school – actually trying to stand up to these loons.  It’s actually quite admirable – cause he has nothing to gain from it – only loss.

Well, my friend certainly isn’t an SJW – just some dope smoking cool guy.  He is certainly more on the center – and especially being in Tennessee, he is less influenced by SJW thinking probably.

What are some memes these Facebook people are putting out?  Well, a lot of them are massively violent – and they’re VERY preachy.  But, hey, it’s America – a free country – and nobody’s stopping them – but it makes you think – “When will this stuff go from talk to violence?”.

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