Annoying Suburbanite People

We all know the type.  They’re very clean – to the point it would annoy the Marine Corps.  They’re very fake – flaky, and dweeby.   They are too harsh on their kids – regarding schooling, health, sports – often causing backlashes (kids becoming the next Andrew Anglin or something).

Anyhow, some might see this resentment as jealousy – but that’s not always the case.  ALWAYS, and this is the case with elites everywhere – the snooty attitude – is what drives enemies over the edge!

More like this shallow, consumerist attitude that is sickening plus the obession with ‘things’ & ‘labels’ plus this obsession & lust for trends or whatever NY Magazine or the Times says is the latest trend with neighborhoods or restaurants.

yuppies are only “hateable” when they are not humble and see differnces before similarities between them and other people. Others may find them annoying because their concerns (ie inheritance taxes) aren’t the same as less fortunate (financial aide for school, paying back student loans.)


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