Jamaica Me Trustafarian!

This group obviously is a target of the right-wing – and comically so.  It’s basically privileged kids who never have to work – so can actually afford to live hippie lifestyles.  In fact, the stereotype, maybe true to some extent – is of them doing drugs (without the”limited finances” to destroy them),  going to Phish (or other bands similar to the Grateful Dead) concerts, visiting foreign lands, and supporting SJW causes.

Anyway, myself, even though these idiots annoy me, I find normie conformist ass-wipes to be way worse.  I suppose I hate both of them!  I mean, I especially hate middle and upper class elitists – as mentioned in the Suburban Brat article.

Well, in an odd sense, I feel sort of sorry for trustafarians, in a sense – because, I’m sure they’re constantly bullied by their parents, Young Republicans – told “Get a job.”, “Get a haircut!”, “We’re shipping you off to military school! (classic line)”.   Now, while in some instances I could sympathize with those sentiments – the fact remains, as I’ve already mentioned, that elitists are such pricks – that I would even feel sorry for trustafarians.

Anyway, asking readers, “What percentage of SJWs actually are trustafarians and/or limousine liberals?”.  It would seem from right-wing sites (ranging from Republican to Stormfront) that all of them are – but I know that isn’t the case.

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2 thoughts on “Jamaica Me Trustafarian!”

  1. What’s wrong with being a limousine liberal in the first place. If you are rich and still liberal, good for you! It is hard to work against your own economic self-interest.

    Why do Trustafarians have to get a job? They have enough income to survive. Why does anyone who has enough money to get by need to get a job? I don’t get it.

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