Bikini Video Games

What group of horny guys don’t like that?? 😆   However, they’re the target of SJW madness – just like beauty pageants or any other sort of male fun.

Well, anyway, another problem with this SJW fixation – is that bikini video games don’t have real women in them -just like sex dolls!  It’s simply a situation with no victim!

But, of course, all leftists are thrown in with the cultural left – so it’s assumed any leftist must hate sexy video games – as in totally sexy or with just a few scantily clad female characters.

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5 thoughts on “Bikini Video Games”

      1. Why? because it would be hard to do? The world is getting crazy with its cosmopolitan hedonism. The only people who deserve freedom are some mentally ill people like autistics or really big brained intellectuals/artists, since those people have special needs.

        Most people aren’t built for freedom and can have their instincts curtailed, like the addicting CHILD DRUG called porn. Peoples sexuality should be determined by social activity and not corporations.

        People need to be more close-nit to their communities. This should be done by reducing city areas by having close to zero cars and more trains and walkways. Social media and online dating should also be regulated. We could make cities with 3 million people be continuous and mainly walkable by foot.

        So there’s enough diversity in people with personal taste in the cities. Americans moving to other states/cities all of the time is kinda sick.

        Its an idea i haven’t thought much about but it seems reasonable.

        1. Wow, you are definitely Alt Left. That’s Alt Left in a nutshell, except most of us don’t want to ban porn, probably because we are already addicted lol.

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