The Problem with Idealism

The problem with idealism is it causes people to be cunts to some degree – many to an extreme degree.  Therefore, it’s not surprising the cultural left instigates such a backlash from normal people – and also it’s not surprising the racist right – and even traditional Republicans do the same.

Anyway, idealism isn’t always bad.  I mean, we want to raise our kids right.  However, the problem is when they abuse kids and they also abuse adults – by assuming they’re kids.  Anyway, the problem is indeed politics too – because being involved in social issues leads to frustration.  For instance, should people be annoyed that liberal welfare policies – without regard to integration – as me and @Robert Lindsay suggested, lead to a massive waste?

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5 thoughts on “The Problem with Idealism”

  1. Communism is idealism. You badly want communism, but we know it’ll fuck up, but some people have enough faith in humanity. The communist supporters are most optimistic, too much optimism, just hovered over by a patch of pessimism.

    I also must say, this is a neat blog. Now, I really despise HBD, and I completely disagree on a lot of that stuff, but disagreement shouldn’t turn you away. I love these articles though, and the linguistics ones.

    1. I don’t badly want Communism, lol, what are you talking about? Communists are not complete ideologues. I mean they have an ideology, but most are aware of its shortcomings, hence market socialism, socialism with Chinese characteristics, etc. Quite a few Commies are ridiculous ideologues though, especially Western Commies. I actually talk to Commies and Leftists who work closely with the Venezuelan government, so I know what I am talking about. Those people are extremely pragmatic. Modern Communism isn’t some idiot fact-free ideology like most Identity Politics is.

      1. I used “you” not to refer to you specifically, but in general.

        I would argue that being pragmatic while being a communist is almost impossible. Communism doesn’t work, because humans are too greedy.

        A mixture of a bunch of ideologies is probably the way to go.

        Also, how the fuck do you talk to people who work closely with the Venezuelan government.

        1. I am on Twitter and I talk to well-known media types who write articles about Venezuela. And some of them have worked closely with the government.

  2. Well, typical liberal ideology, the American type, would be saying, “If we just throw enough money toward the poor, without truly integrating them, things will be a paradise.” – but the reality hasn’t worked out. Well, I would say the America poor are better off after 1965 – in some aspects, but not others.

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