The Dark Triad of Traits

I believe that most people have this stuff, to some degree.  In fact, in slightly above moderation, it’s highly useful and adaptive for certain career choices (management, teaching, prison industry)  Anyway, the problem I think is when people who have to be this way, cannot shut it off (during non-working hours).

Determining to what extent a person exhibits the D-factor can be done using a similar method applied by psychologist Charles Spearman about 100 years ago when testing a person’s level of intelligence.

Spearman found that people who scored highly on a certain type of intelligence test were likely to do well in others due to a “general factor of intelligence.”

“In the same way, the dark aspects of human personality also have a common denominator, which means that — similar to intelligence — one can say that they are all an expression of the same dispositional tendency,” Professor of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, Ingo Zettler, said.

“For example, in a given person, the D-factor can mostly manifest itself as narcissism, psychopathy or one of the other dark traits, or a combination of these.”

“But with our mapping of the common denominator of the various dark personality traits, one can simply ascertain that the person has a high D-factor.”

The higher the D-factor the more likely a person will show a particular dark behavior, like humiliating others, which will then lead to a higher likelihood of engaging in other malevolent activities like lying, cheating or stealing.

It is still worth noting that there are key differences between dark personality traits, which is why they don’t always result in the same behavior.

Well, in my view – aside from places where the D-factor behavior is unavoidable – people should mind their own business, honestly.  That’s the problem with people who want to help.  It’s a type of imperialism.  It’s like “Thanks, but no thanks.”.  However, in many cases, it’s not family bullying, but just people getting off on being mean – but at least there’s no pulling punches!


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