Privileged Suburban Brats

They often go off the edge and become outright bullies. The type you’d see on the first Karate Kid movie (1984). The ones teasing “little Danny (mocking crying face)”, throwing his bike off a cliff (with him in it) – lol – going to Cobra Ki Karate School.

Anyway, my encounters with them, though maybe somewhat deserved – were incredibly horrible – ranging from my time as a teacher to being called faaaagot (goat sound) at college.  Always it’s the same type – these bratty boys (and also girls) who get everything they want – and are so bored, all they have to do with their time is pick on the weak. They will pick on anyone – even teachers, old people – and, of course, peers – and even as older adults, they will pick on kids!

What’s the solution for this? A trip to the woodshed – of course! But whose going to give it? The parents of these brats are often the same – and other ones are incredibly naive.

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7 thoughts on “Privileged Suburban Brats”

  1. Robert, do 120 IQ kids still have to work hard in High School? Or does it depend on the class they’re taking (honors and AP classes are harder).

    1. LOL you keep asking all of these questions about yourself, man. 120 IQ is top 10%. 120 IQ person is smarter than 90% of the population. That answer your question?

  2. FYI, one of the actress on that show (Diora Baird who plays Shannon Keene) has a rather interesting history WRT to her real life child.

    A few years ago, she was married and had a male child. Then about two years ago, she came out as lesbian, divorced her husband and moved in with her new lover. Fine.. but then she (and her lover) decided that her barely 3-4 year old boy was trans.

    Since then, they have been dressing him and presenting him as a girl. While this is a personal issue, it is hard to not feel a bit sorry for that child. Then again, such children seem to have become a status symbol in Hollywood. To each their own..

    1. First of all, how in the Hell does a married woman suddenly up and decide she’s a Goddamned lesbian?! This is something I will never understand.

      I mean if you are an actual biological lesbian since childhood, ok. That’s fine. And it seems to be incurable, unfixable or unchangeable, however you want to put it. I’ve spoken with a number of lesbians like this. I think we need to treat them with complete respect and wish for them nothing less than we wish for ourselves.

      But these married women who suddenly decide they are lez? What the Hell? They’re just choosing to be lesbians, right? I mean they were born lesbians? If they were born lesbians, why did they marry a man?! Makes no sense.

      No one gets to decide that their kid is trans. These crazy dykes need to get their kid taken away from them. What they are doing is nothing less than child abuse.

      1. Yeah, as a rule of thumb – let’s just assume kids are straight until they’re – at least in middle school – and then after that, there shouldn’t be no surgery until 18.

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