Alt Left: Insane SJW Definition Creep and the Cultural Left’s Grotesque Abuse of Language

Both Pharos and Eidolon have become the main portals for digital public scholarship on the Internet for White supremacists, misogynists, anti-Semites, ethnonationalists, and xenophobes. These sites are using words taken from the Greco-Roman world.

It’s an association that Bond and other scholars say they simply cannot abide, not least because far-right extremists have committed nearly three times as many acts of fatal terrorism in the United States over the previous 15 years as Islamist terrorists.

White supremacists, misogynists, anti-Semites, ethnonationalists, and xenophobes. Let’s look at the modern definition of those terms.

White supremacists: Someone who says “It’s ok to be White”, “I like my race, my White race”, “At the moment, Whites are more intelligent than Blacks”, “Whites commit 6X less crime than Blacks”, “The reason for a lot of anti-Black racism is the outsized amount of crime that Blacks cause.”

Those are all arguably true and a couple are simply justifiable opinions. Sentences 3, 4, and 5, although being true, are not particularly very nice things to say, so most decent people don’t talk about that.

I don’t like to talk about those things too much because I don’t think there is much we can do about any of them and they’re not likely to change. All talking about that stuff does is rile up non-Blacks and bring out a lot of hidden racism in them.

Also the non-Blacks who harp on those truths over and over are not motivated by scientific inquiry. Almost all of them are motivated by deep animus towards Black people. That’s why they keep harping on negative stuff about Blacks! Facts aren’t hate, but haters and racists can definitely abuse facts as part of their racist BS. But since when did observing facts become racist!?

Misogynists: “Women aren’t perfect.” Any criticism of women in any way, shape, or form means that you hate women. Supporting men’s rights. Disliking women who hate men which is what most feminists are. Using words like bitch and whore.

Anti-Semites: “Jews have a lot of power”, “Jews have a lot of money,” Jews have a lot of money and power and like to throw their weight around”, Jews like to play hardball and fight dirty”, “Jews are a lot more aggressive than most other ethnicities”, “A lot of Jews don’t like Gentiles”, “Israel is a shitty little country”, “I hate Israel”,

“A fair percentage of Jews have a dual loyalty issue, and this has always been a problem”. “Jews lead movements, particularly movements for social change”, “Israel is a racist country”, “Israel controls the entire US government when it comes to US Middle East foreign policy. It does this via massive campaign donations by US Jews to Congressional candidates”.

“Jews have a lot of power and control in Hollywood”, “Jews have a lot of power and control in the media.” And on and on.

Ethnonationalists: People who wish for the US to retain a White majority, as is their complete right. Furthermore, it is a legitimate political position, and it is not necessarily racist at all. While I don’t necessarily support this position, as I don’t care that the US is becoming increasingly non-White or even regard it as as good thing, it’s certainly not racist per se to have that view.

Your nation is like your home. You decide what the interior of your nation or home looks like, and you decide who gets to come into your nation or home to visit or stay.

Granted most folks with this position are openly and extremely racist, but you don’t have to be a racist to have this view. Just saying.

Oh by the way, Jews get to have an ethnonationalist state, and you’re an anti-Semite for objecting, but Whites can’t have a similar state that ensures a White majority? Israelis and White nationalists both want the same thing. They are both ethnic nationalists who wish to live in ethnonationalist states that guarantee a majority for a certain ethnicity.

By the way, I am not keen on ethnonationalism. It’s pretty horrible everywhere it rears its grotesque head, it seems to be invariably intertwined with some pretty serious racism, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to disentangle the hardcore racism from the ethnonationalism. The racism is a feature, not a bug.

Xenophobes: Anyone who wants any sort of immigration controls at our border at all, thinks illegal immigrants should be deported, believes in a points scheme for legal immigration, or thinks legal immigration is too high and wants to lower it.

Now I am not real wild about xenophobia, and true xenophobes tend to act pretty horrible towards anyone who’s not one of “the people”, but I don’t believe that merely wanting some immigration restrictions and opposing de facto Open Borders makes one a xenophobe.

I support all of the immigration restrictions listed above and I’m not xenophobe. Considering that I interact with non-Whites all day long every single day where I live, my life would be pretty unpleasant if I hadn’t made some sort of peace with non-White people.

I’m also okay with  legal immigrants. If you have a green card, good for you. If you are a naturalized citizen born overseas, good for you. I have known many good people in both categories recently.

What we see the SJW’s doing here is what I call the abuse of language. The Cultural Left has become expert at this and the correlating definition creep. For instance the definition of rape used to be fairly clear (“use of force of the threat of force” as my Mom used to sternly remind me).

Now the definition of rape expands by the day to the point where now it’s about as big as the Atlantic Ocean. You almost need to get updates on a daily basis to see how much the definition of rape expanded yesterday.

Rape is a serious matter. The feminized weaponization of the term as a nuclear weapon to shoot at the men they hate so much along with their concomitant trivialization of the term is grotesque in the former and profoundly unfair to the victims of the real deal rape in the latter, such real thing rape being unfortunately not rare.

The modern feminist definition of rape appears to be “any time a woman has sex when she doesn’t want to.”

This was precisely the definition of rape given by one of the doyens of modern feminism, Katharine McKinnon, the ultra-prude and manhater extreme who invented the concept of sexual harassment with her aider and abettor Andrea Dworkin, a hideous monstrous slug of a woman and one of the worst manhating feminist dykes that ever slithered upon the Earth and befouled its surface with her slime.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: Insane SJW Definition Creep and the Cultural Left’s Grotesque Abuse of Language”

    1. I don’t go around saying stuff like that all the time. Even if it’s true, it’s going to piss off Jews, Blacks, women, and whoever. I am open about my immigration views though and some of the Hispanics around here don’t like it. They think if I am against illegals than I am for Trump. But it’s not true. I am against illegals and I despise Trump.

      And yes, as a matter of fact, I am indeed charming. Many women have told me so. One recent gf laughed and said, “Charming as a cobra!” I actually agree with that. How do you think I racked up that huge lay count? You can’t do that on Looks alone. Game is extremely important. Looks -Game is not worth a Hell of a lot. It’s hard to get laid if you are a mouse.

  1. Also the non-Blacks who harp on those truths over and over are not motivated by scientific inquiry. Almost all of them are motivated by deep animus towards Black people. That’s why they keep harping on negative stuff about Blacks! Facts aren’t hate, but haters and racists can definitely abuse facts as part of their racist BS. But since when did observing facts become racist!?

    Seems to be the case of “The cup’s half empty” sort of people. Anyway, a lot of comes from a racist upbringing I think, maybe sprinkled with bad experiences. However, a lot of those people, as I’ve noted, have never had real encounters with non-whites – it’s literally all redneck parroting. Those types seem to come from richer families – and I attribute it to snobbery and immaturity (a sort of brat behavior).

    And yes – I have had bad encounters with these types. The worst ones are like those bullies on the first Karate Kid (privileged brats) – lol.

  2. Pretty much the “haters” spoil it for the “sane white nationalist” crowd – just like the “nut-jobs” spoil it for the social justice crowd.

    1. I hate to say it but there are few to no sane WN’s. They’re pretty much all hardcore racists, and I do mean hardcore. Not the insane PC definition of racism, which is everything under the sun, but I mean the real deal, nasty, hardcore, vicious racism. Maybe 1% of them are not like that, if that. But a lot of them hide it pretty well, I will give them that.

    2. All SJW’s are crazy, period. It’s an ideology. Once you buy into the ideology, you are forced to respond and behave in certain particular ways. You cannot not behave in those ways. And those ways of speaking and behaving are, frankly, completely insane. So if you are an SJW, you’re already nuts.

      However if you want to oppose sexism against both sexes and racism and bigotry in general, go for it. I mean that is my philosophy too. There is this that attitude that opposing racism and sexism is all SJW’s do, but they went way beyond that long ago. The problem is they take their anti-racism and anti-sexism too far, so far that they’re almost completely insane.

      And yes it is possible to be a good person and oppose racism, bigotry, sexism, etc. without being an SJW lunatic. I’d like to think that that’s what you do, Jason, and I believe I do so myself, regardless of what others believe.

      The SJW’s have taken a good thing and gone completely berserk with it and they’ve become serious assholes in the process.

      1. It’s ironic too because these people insist that it’s everybody else, not them, that are the assholes. They’re convinced, with the zeal of crusaders, that only they know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      2. Always the best solution is to ignore social justice; don’t talk about it – while all the while, employing more integration – the type @Robert Linsday was speaking of, something like: “A black, a block. (Of course, this could be extended to other groups too.)”.

        Anyway, though, movies and TV are a different matter. I think they need to hold off extreme SJW stuff – like – hiring for race, not talent. It’s just not working! Well, there could be a few exceptions, but it shouldn’t be the general rule.

  3. I mean, IQ tests do have a bias towards measuring academic shit. There’s also a huge educational and environmental bias to it.

    Xenophobia- I would say Xenophobia means actively feeling superior to immigrants. Not wanting illegal immigration is not xenophobia- however, I think we should make it much easier for people to immigrate legally.

    WNs- The country is public property. It’s a shared home. Wanting a white majority isn’t necessarily racist, but there is quite a lot of bias which has the potential to become very dangerous.

    SJWs are fucking wingnuts, so are WNs. SJWs change shit up to comply with their feelings, and it’s kind of limiting freedom. Again, it should have been expected. WNs are a bunch of racists, extreme racists who have zero logic behind any of the shit they say.

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