The “Spoiled Poor People” Theory

This sickening line of thought has infected many conservatives in the US – and even some centrist liberals.  It’s basically claiming that welfare has “spoiled” people, taking away the initiative for them to “grow up” – also leading to the massive decay of society – especially one-parent homes.

However, how much is actually true?  Well, as @Robert Lindsay noted – among poor Blacks, at least, there’s no evidence welfare has spoiled them – considering poor Blacks behave horribly in the Third World – where they get no welfare.   Anyway, with regards to Whites and others, it could be something similar.  What I mean, is that something else is at play – not the supposed “spoiling from welfare”.

Anyway, of course, this doesn’t phase conservatives – and I think their thinking comes from a negative human trait – where some people want to feel superior to others – not to mention, all the hypocrisy going on also.

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