Alt Left: How Chinese See Underclass Blacks

There is little crime or bad behavior in orderly, polite Chinese society of the sort that is commonplace in the Black underclass.

In particular, the habit of many Black men of fathering multiple children all with different women and then refusing to support any of them would outage and offend any decent Chinese man to the core. That’s the ultimate non-Confucian behavior. A proper Chinese man would say that those Black men who do that are barely even human. Instead, they are akin to stray dogs that roam our streets.

Because, the Chinese man would say, that’s what an animal, especially a dog, does. A male stray dog pretty much runs around screwing any available hotted up bitch while of course refusing to support or even acknowledge the offspring.

The Chinese man would say that this is one of the things that distinguishes man from the lower animals. Male humans pair bond with one female human and the male and female human together raise any children they have for nigh unto 20 years, sacrificing much along the way.

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18 thoughts on “Alt Left: How Chinese See Underclass Blacks”

  1. Be careful Rob. You might be accused of being a “conservative.” This is a subject no black “leader” will talk about.

    1. Yeah I guess I am a Bill Cosby Conservative on this subject. Speaking of which, he sure got a lot of hatred on this, didn’t he? Not that he didn’t deserve to be hated later on though. I don’t like Black conservatives at all, but some of them have a point about a few things or other. They’re got the right complaints and the wrong conclusions, just like all conservatives really.

  2. Well, the traditional democrats have brought this on. I figure the alt-left would allow for more responsibility with welfare – though not denying it for the responsible.

    1. See my argument above. We already took most of the welfare away. Did this group of Blacks start acting any better? LOL. So if we cut off all the welfare, all these Black men who won’t raise their kids will start sticking around, huh? LOL.

      It’s bullshit. They don’t act bad because of “welfare.” It’s one of the worst lies of them all.

    1. Real hard. Worked my ass off. I think I took it in Summer School too with the teacher as a special tutor. The guy kept trying to teach it to me, but I just could never catch on. That stuff just never made sense to me. I think I got a D and my parents were furious, especially my father. And I do have a genius IQ. And yep, I can’t do what you call high school math. None of my siblings can do that kind of math either and I don’t think my Mom can. And they all have genius IQ’s too.

      1. So how the hell did you get a 70th percentile on a math test for a placement thing? The average High School student takes Algebra and passes comfortably.

        Your case is interesting. Math is kind of weird- people say pattern recognition is necessary, but I don’t see it, it seems you need a great sense of detail, and good conceptual thinking, I don’t see pattern rec.

        1. 70th percentile to get into junior college. I got at least that. I think you had to get 70th percentile+ to get into junior college. I don’t agree that your average student passes algebra easily. I passed Algebra 1. Granted I got a C in the second semester. All we had were brains in Algebra and Geometry. Mostly just people going on to college. Neither was required for graduation. I never knew any of the not smart people in either Algebra or Geometry.

          As I told you, all of my living relatives have genius IQ’s, and all of us struggled real hard in Algebra and Geometry. As you can see though, my math is still better than 70% of the population, so I am definitely better than your average American in mathematics. I can add, subtract, multiply, divide and even do fractions in my head. A lot of Normies are amazed when I do that.

      2. Algebra is like kindergarten stuff to me. However, I couldn’t focus on it in high school – due to the environment. Later on, in college, I could finally focus.

        1. Nowadays, most kids definitely take Algebra in High School. I suspect quite a lot have to work hard to get decent grades.

          1. LOL if I am in the 70th percentile, and I got a D in Algebra 2, how do you think everyone below me (70% of students) does? They all pass with flying colors or what? That’s bullshit.

          2. The average kid takes Algebra in High School, and the average GPA for math is 2.69, or a B- average. So 105 math IQ =B- (Ok, test and quiz scores are C+. It could’ve been that silly mistakes were common with you- also, what was that junior college math test testing? Did it test Algebra?

          3. I do not know if there was any algebra on there. I also passed the math part of the CBEST, and a lot of people, especially Black and Hispanic prospective teachers, failed that test.

          4. That explains it man. The thing is, many brilliant Mathematicians suck at arithmetic, I’d assume the inverse to be correct also.

            But, the average for math is a B-, but homework grade makes a lot of it, test grades are probably lower.

          5. I am actually quite good at arithmetic. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide all in my head. Not only that, but I can even do fractions and decimal percentages. With numbers ranging up into the thousands. People see me doing that and they are amazed, “How the Hell did you just do that, anyway?”

            My math is upper 30% of the population. I’m better than 70% of the population in math. All of my family is above average in math. We all have genius IQ’s too, but we all struggled with higher math.

        2. I cannot comprehend how even Algebra 2 – aside from matrices, could be difficult. However, it was in high school for me – cause I couldn’t concentrate. However, later in college I mastered it – like people have with 5th grade reading.

          1. Everybody who is good at math cannot understand how anyone – especially an intelligent person – could find it difficult.

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