Alt Left: A Puzzle Solved: The Main Reason for Antisemitism Uncovered

Antisemitism is caused by Jews. Antisemitism follows Jews like day follows night. A lot of antisemitism simply boils down to the fact that the Jews are intellectually superior to the White Gentiles they have always lived among.

Hence you get situations like Jews, 2% of the population, owning 32% of the wealth of Germany. No nation is going to put up with that, no matter if the money-hoarders got it fair and square or stole every nickel of it. And indeed not coincidentally, Adolf Hitler assumed power as the dictator of Germany that very next year after gaining the most votes in the prior election. Not that I am excusing the monstrosities and horrors of the Nazis. I’m no Nazi. More like the opposite. But the Nazis did not engage in their horrors for no reason at all. Most terrible things are done for reasons, usually not very good ones but reasons nonetheless.

But the sad fact is that anti-Semitism is simply the “normal”, though regretfully so, reaction of of non-Jews towards Semitism, or Jewish behavior in the societies in which they live.

I will credit the much-maligned Kevin MacDonald with that particular insight. In the sense that he finally figured it out, right there, this particular antisemite, MacDonald (he wasn’t one at first but he’s surely one now), is smarter than every Jew who ever lived combined because he finally solved the theorem that the Jews have been pondering for 1,500 years.

Please note that when I say normal I don’t mean good. Many terrible things are sadly normal, death and taxes being two that immediately come to mind. I mean normal in the sense of common as wifebeating is common and therefore “normal” while still being reprehensible.

And as I noted, much anti-Semitism simply derives from the outrage, offense, envy, and sour grapes attitude of whatever Gentiles the Jews happen to be competing with at the time. The Jews are simply a superior race, perhaps the most superior race on Earth, hence they tend to out-compete most if not all other races, obviously provoking outrage and sore-loserdum among the defeated.

The Jews’ crime is being too successful! In fact, they are so successful that the races they beat get so mad about the Jews always winning the gold that they go to the envious retaliatory extreme of murdering Jews simply because they won the race and showed up the defeated losers. Jews then are so successful that they actually get murdered for their success by the envious and outraged races that they defeated!

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Puzzle Solved: The Main Reason for Antisemitism Uncovered”

  1. Envy and frustration can be a dangerous combination, no doubt. When you have to kill Jesus, control world banking, run international communism, lord over the blood libel, exert an awesome and nearly talismanic-like control of the media, and so on and so on, it doesn’t leave you much time in your day for rest.

    1. LOL. I suppose the Jews will call me an antisemite now for saying that antisemites hate them because the Jew-haters are envious of Black success. If you gave any reason for Judeophobia, you’re Hitler. You have to say it’s completely insane and has no logical reason. I’m not an anti-Semite but I will say that Jews are pretty hard to get along with. They don’t exactly try to win friends and influence people, you know? Seems like they go out of their way to piss people off as much as possible.


  2. I’m not sure if much of the population really wants to own things – yet, when things go bad, they want to bitch at the Jews, Chinese, Indians etc..

    Well, are people supposed to “want to own things”? Do people really try to get business capital? Well, as mentioned in an article I wrote – immigrant groups pool family funds to buy a business – something white/black Americans won’t do.

    1. Interesting point. Do you think that is because immigrant groups still have strong ties to the culture and ways of their country of origin, whilst White and Black Americans have become so “American” that they’ll never “get together”? That is, they have no other cultural reference point except the United States.

      1. There might be something to that. Tight family structures too. The American family barely exists. We all know about the Black family, but the White family does not do too well either. I can’t count the number of people I have known who have fallen out with their families.

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