A Barbaric Culture – is the South USA

Yep, you heard it.  But that’s not saying the majority is that way – but only some “bad apples” ruin the bunch.

Like I remember high school – where this guy, otherwise a pretty cool dude, wanted me to yell “Nigger!” at a black actor doing a play!  I refused – cause it was beyond even a high-schooler’s taste.

Now this is the tip of the iceberg, though, as many remark after remark – I had to endure (in my life) – and my disgust is justified – it’s not “The Care Bears” throwing a hissy fit.

Stuff like trailer trash wanting to “cook a niggers head” or “own slaves in modern times”.  How about being called a nigger whenever you show violence?  Oh, of course, these people, though cowards to actual black people’s faces – are always cutting down anyone black – or anything that IS black – the hair, the skin color, the rap – you name it.  😆  “Oh, Color Me Badd are a bunch of nigger queers ha ha”

Now, how is this sweathog “kidding around”?  It isn’t.  The joking around I had when some decent blokes (even tough sweathogs) never got this vulgar or retarded – and I’m totally justified in hating swamp-running illiterate white trash.

Well, my family dismisses them as “idiots” – but we all know the type – and they probably exist outside of the south.  Also, they’re are equally ignorant non-whites out there – whole countries of them!!!

Let’s go thru the Hall of Shame:

  • Pussy nigger  – (directed at White or Black).
  • Nigger queers (color me badd) – I have to chuckle at the retarded-ness.
  • C0ok a nigger’s head.
  • Gook lover.
  • (Looking at scars) “You must have been cut up by some niggers” (a compliment).
  • Afro-American hairdo (White being called that).
  • “Oh look, a  Nigger Mickey Mouse.”
  • Nigger lips.
  • “You suck, nigger” (addressed to White person).


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5 thoughts on “A Barbaric Culture – is the South USA”

  1. Thanks for this, Jason. Fuck these racist pieces of shit. No one around here really talks like this. Hell, even hardcore racists out here don’t call Black people niggers! That’s how far out there California. Racism is extremely uncool here – especially that vicious open kind like that.

    On the other hand, there is a sort of joking type of racism like this. Like I go over to my friend’s house and he is there with his buddies, and I say, “Hey! What are you niggers up to?” That’s just funny. You are calling White people niggers. It’s just stupid because Whites are not Black. Sometimes in an argument Whites will call each other niggers as a joke. But these same people would almost never call a Black person a nigger. It’s like that’s completely different.

    And Whites don’t call each other niggers too much in that joking way anymore. The word’s gotten so toxic that it’s hard to even use it that way.

    You can’t really use that word at all here in California. At this point, it’s more or less banned, and I am not uncomfortable with that. There’s a whole world of evil in back of that one crappy word.

    I don’t see why we can’t use the word in a non-hateful way though. Why do we always have to say n word or n****r? It’s pathetic. Are Black people so wimpy that they will fall over and die if they hear the word even in a nonracist context? If they are, Blacks sure are a pussy race. That makes me sad because one thing I always liked about Blacks is that they often fight back when you menace or threaten them. I always thought they were tough and hard people, but if they are this pussy, that’s just pathetic, sorry.

    1. California, at least in the urban areas probably has more problems with radical SJWs than it does with racists.

      If only radicalness (I know, not a word, but I don’t give a shit) on any side would be deemed uncool, cause, hey, it is. It’s a general consensus that SJWs and Alt Right are complete idiots!

      1. Oh Hell yeah. There are not many racists here. White racism is extremely uncool. People catch you talking like that around here and you might just get hit.

        Yep the SJW’s and the Alt Right are both dumbfucks, mirror image idiots of each other. They deserve each other.

    2. About the n word shit. I don’t understand it either. Going up to someone and being like “hey n-word” vs hey “the actual n word”- it’s conveying the same exact thing, if it’s for hateful purposes, it’ll be conveyed as so, if not, then it will be conveyed as so. Ethnic cleansing vs Genocide, same fucking thing.

      Euphemisms make zero fucking sense. You can euphemism train the shit out of these things.

      1. It’s asinine. It bothers me because it implies that Blacks are a pathetic pussy race that won’t even fight. Instead they just start crying if anyone attacks them. Because this is what they are doing with this n-word bullshit. Blacks are actually saying that if you say this word out loud, it’s so mean and evil that all the Blacks are going to start crying!


        C’mon Black people. Stand up and fight. Knock it off with this pussy Black IP bullshit.

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