Traditional Christianity – Basically False

Well, I’m not the most religious person.  However, I can attest to the fact traditional Christianity is basically false – basically meaning people who rebel against it are highly justified.  I mean, why shouldn’t music artists worship the devil or favor other non-conformist attitudes?

Why is it not justified? Well, it all seems subjective, but really think about it:

  • The traditional idea of hell is against God’s loving nature.  I mean, the world sucks enough as it is – but then torture someone from eternity – not even a billion years – LOL?  And this even being done – not only to child rapists, but also just bearded hipsters (just kidding).
  • Eternal Hell provides no real correction.  I mean, even prison government agencies are called “Departments of Correction”.
  • Why should anyone love and worship such a being?  And notice how FAKE Christians are – it’s not surprising – look at the theology.
  • A lot of people had never heard of the gospel message.  However, according to traditional Christians, their ignorance – justifies ETERNAL DAMNATION. 😆
  • Babies and Mentally Disabled People in Hell?  Apparently, old-school Christians would justify this.  For instance, Catholics demanded babies be baptized or else – ETERNAL DAMNATION
  • No consistency in Protestant thinking.  I mean, if Catholics were wrong about the Pope according to them – why wouldn’t also THE WHOLE CATHOLIC THING – be wrong?  The Hell idea came from the Catholics!
  • No eternal security for many denominations including Catholic – the largest one.   This basically means – committing any mortal sin – which is any fun one – when dying – commits you to ETERNAL HELL
  • Some people actually believe in Double Predestination – which basically says “God chooses who goes to heaven and hell – and those who complain are – guess this – being whiny!
  • Hell has actual flames – that are never-ending, when simple boredom experienced in a prison (in real life) is verified torture.

Why do people hold on to traditional religion? Well, apparently Christians think God has to be this hyper-masculine monster who tortures people  in hell FOR ETERNITY.

Also, they hold to doctrines where – thinking is discouraged, so nobody questions what they say – even if, taken logically, to come to pure bullshit.

What is the truth?

I think hell is of a temporary nature – humane and just – until someone is cleansed of sin.  The Bible – taken in it’s true translation backs this.  No time for specifics, you can look it up!  However, I don’t think “all ways to God” are right – but I think there is some mercy in finding “the one true way”.

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