No Future for Black State

Well, at least not for poor blacks.  However, this is the “wet dream” of white nationalists and others.  And, of course, they criticize – even race realist liberals, as “bourgeois liberals” – a polite term for “liberal elitists” or “mini-Mr. Drummonds” from Different Strokes (the TV show) – lol.

However, the fact is that poor blacks cannot succeed on their own. In fact, the slaveholders of past centuries were totally right about it.   So the fact of the matter is that typical white racists have no working solution for poor blacks – and also, of course, traditional liberals don’t.  The right is totally correct in showing how Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society failed – how “poor blacks given money” has only destroyed poor Black America.

Well, one alternate solution given by white racists – is to put the poor blacks under the care of richer blacks in a segregated state (black-a-block among blacks).  But would that really work?  Well, there is simply too many poor blacks for the small black middle/upper class.   In that case, you’d just have a repeat of Haiti – with a large black underclass – and a heartless mulatto elite.

Anyway of course, the real reason that racists hate @Robert Lindsay’s Black a Block theory- is because they HATE black people.  They deny it, but it’s obvious.  They cannot even tolerate a place like Appalachia or Portugal – where the blacks are spread out to where – they’re practically invisible!

But this figures for skid-row whites or white racist elitists.

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