PUA/Game: My Definitions of Alphas, Chads, Etc.

Chad to me is a physically attractive man – 8-10 on the scale. He doesn’t have to get laid at all. He could be a virgin. Same applies to the rest of the categories. Success with women is irrelevant. Chadlites are 7’s on the scale. High-tier normies are 6’s. Normies are 4-5’s. Omegas, incels, subhumans or whatever appropriate term they wish to call themselves are 1-3’s.

Statistical Alphas are the men who are most attractive to women/ get the most women. These are the top 20% of men who get most of the women for whatever reason – aggression, bad boy game, criminality, sociopathy, looks, game, money, status, fame, power, whatever. Many Alphas are assholes. They are typically very aggressive towards other men and often seem to be starting fights with other men they regard as competitors to eliminate a rival.
Alphas fight all the men and fuck all the women, basically, or at least they try to.  They are dominant even in their body language. Some Alphas are pretty nice to other men. They tend to be natural leaders. It’s not possible for an Alpha to be unsuccessful with women unless he’s incarcerated – that contradicts the definition.
Behavioral Alphas are men who act in the stereotypical Alpha manner. While statistical Alphas can be no more than 20% by definition, you can have whole countries full of hypermasculine behavioral Alphas as in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia, the Mediterranean, Latin America, Thailand, the Philippines, perhaps Africa.
Even there you have statistical Alphas too who do what they always do, but in countries where most men are behavioral Alphas, I believe male-female relations are better because the women are typically very feminine and submissive and don’t fight the men much. You can’t necessarily get laid a lot because in a number of those countries, you pretty much have to get married to get a woman, but once you get a woman, you are in like Flynn. You get a woman in those countries, and you can pretty much fuck her all you want because she thinks it’s her duty. I believe that most men can benefit by behaving more Alpha, so to speak.
Chads are the best looking men, whereas:
Statistical Alphas are the guys who women want the most or who get the most women. One definition of an Alpha is a three figure lay count. If you have had sex with 100 females, you are automatically an Alpha by this definition. 6% of men have three figure lay counts.
Alphas, Betas, and Omegas:

Statistical Alphas attract most of the women most of the time.

Statistical Betas attract some of the women some of the time.

Statistical Omegas attract almost none of the women almost all the time.
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6 thoughts on “PUA/Game: My Definitions of Alphas, Chads, Etc.”

  1. Well, the problem with people like Roosh, and no offense, you to a certain degree – is advocating libertarian sex – but at the same time “traditional male-female” relations. However, you can’t have it both ways. I mean, in the US etc.. there is no traditional marriage – so it’s tougher on behavior alphas – and it also creates a whole class of betas and omegas – because they simply have no hope in such a world.

    Anyway, I’m sure the cultural left likes to mock behavioral alphas – cause these guys act like studs – but their life reflects “loser”. Well, look at how The Simpsons make fun of Homer Simpson. Well, it’s all comedy – but generally the cultural left hates the traditional family – and the traditional one-woman man.

    Oh, as far as Africa is concerned – behavioral alphas can’t even get one woman! That’s the source of so much problems there – and maybe even the rise in homosexuality – which is so condemned by the church.

    America? I think more guys can get women then you think – but they’re not willing to go after what society considers “fat” and or “homely” women.

    you can have whole countries full of hypermasculine behavioral Alphas as in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia, the Mediterranean, Latin America, Thailand, the Philippines, perhaps Africa.

    I don’t know any countries – outside the Anglo-sphere and Western Europe where that isn’t the case. Do you know any?

    1. Dude. Your info is all wrong.

      1. Black Africa actually has the fewest % of incels and Omega males of any region on Earth (and East & South East Asia has the most). The reasons why Africa has the highest polygamy rates in the world are:

        a. women tend to outnumber men as each generation gets older,

        b. high rates of divorce and remarriage,

        c. because the region is fulled with the largest # of behavioral Alphas of any region on Earth. The average Sub Saharan African male has a higher number of female sex partners (and fertility) over a life on average than men of any other region of the world (while the Far East has the least statically).

        Getting a woman is relatively easy for the average African male, and it isn’t a source of any of the major problems of the region.

      2. As far as America goes, not pursuing “fat” or “ugly” isn’t the reason why Beta and Omega males aren’t getting laid. Its because all women (even the least attractive) mostly prefer to only accept Chads & Alphas. They only consider settling down for a Beta (never a Omega) if he’s wealthy or if she has no options.

      3. Behavioral Alphas are a tiny minority in Sweden, East, South and Southeast Asia; 15%-25% of males in most of Europe, North America and much of Latin America; and they make up over half of men in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and some parts of Latin America like Brazil.

      4. Roosh (and the vast majority of PUA’s) are frauds. Roosh in particular was an incel and in fact was a massive failure at attracting women during his career as a PUA. https://incels.wiki/w/RooshV

      1. I don’t feel women are the best judges of who’s Alpha, but they’ll fuck guys that seem Alpha.

        Brits, Irish, and Americans of similar stock seem to do the best in Europe.

        Refugees do good the further north and west they go.

        Nordics can be total Chads but they let the women hit on them.

        Punjab pioneers in Cali tried to dominate Mexican women. Their Mexicanjab descendants only mess with Anglos and Mexicans.

        East Asians seem very cucked in the West.

        Blacks do well with Becky but I’m more impressed by smart ones.

        Mestizos do well with light-skinned Whites.

        East Europe is full of traditional babes, so they don’t have to work as hard.

        Italians are the James Brown of Europe. They are the hardest working but can do very well outside of Italy. Meds from France and Spain tend to have it easier.

        1. Mestizos do well with light-skinned Whites.

          Huh? Hispanic men, mestizos, don’t generally date White women here. Unless they are totally assimilated in which case they’re just like White guys really.

          Punjab pioneers in Cali tried to dominate Mexican women. Their Mexicanjab descendants only mess with Anglos and Mexicans.

          I may have only met one woman like that. Punjabis here are mostly first generation. Even second generation are quite scarce. Punjabi women are mostly first generation and they go for first generation Punjabi men only.

          1. I think you get fresher Mexicans. They are assimilated and basically White. They can be quite obsessed with more Northern Whites and not into latinas. They have an aversian to Asian women whom they say smell like fish and look too latina. They are exotic here. Latina women also have a taste for White meat.

          2. I’m speaking of very early Punjabi pioneers. They had mass divorces with Mexican women and the women were given full custody of the kids. When of age the mixed offspring avoided Punjabis like the plague. Punjabi women are likely saints.

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